Thursday, July 8, 2010


There are so many interesting characters in The Tryst. (Hill, G.L., 1921) Patty runs away from home and takes a job with Aunt Sylvia. John meets with his estranged Uncle Calvin. Marjorie and Hespur also play a big role in the story. There are unusual connections between them that reveal themselves as you read.
On John's 21st birthday, he and his mother picnic with chicken sandwiches, fruit salad with oranges and grapes, and an angel cake that required 11 eggs.
While John fasted and prayed in the woods, keeping the promise to his mother, Hespur followed. After waiting and watching for a long time, he had bread and butter with maple syrup at the village lodging house.
Instead of eating Christmas dinner with Marjorie, John had roast chicken with onions and squash with rice pudding with his landlord and her grandson.

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