Saturday, October 7, 2017


Fall Break so far...
Made this super-delicious Apple Fritter Cake
Wednesday afternoon.
 Honeybun Cake is my usual go-to
but oh my, this is yum. 
Thursday, we ran around town doing errands
including getting a letter from our Pediatrician...
Colton is a Senior and during his Spring IEP meeting it was suggested that
as a Special Education student, he could stay in High School until age 21.
I knew this in my heart, but wasn't sure it was right for our family.
On the other hand, it was a load off my mind because
while he can take care of himself and entertain himself all day, 
he still needs supervision,
and I need to work six more years.
At his latest IEP meeting the principal said since he has all his credits 
and made such good grades (with accommodations, of course)
There is not data supporting the decision for him to stay in school.
We're hoping it works itself out, but
his daddy and I are working on a new plan.
We have several ideas but it's stressful.

Spent Friday afternoon with my family
Love this truck full of pumpkins
and this field full of pumpkins!

This evening there's a Trunk or Treat Car Show.
Can't wait to check it out!

Thursday, September 21, 2017


C is for Customized Question Lists

H is for Have a Spell-off

A is for Active Math

M is for My favorite Learning Extention. GoNoodle Plus has a bunch of extension activities based on their videos. I love anything that gets kiddos thinking, writing and using interesting vocabulary. Speak Up and Get to Know Someone does all three:
An idea I want to share...
A joke I want to tell...
A question I want to ask...
Feel free to choose one and answer!

P is for Party with 80-some first-graders!
P is also for still Plugging along on these little cuties:
How is it that every quilt I make is my favorite until I start the next one?

Wednesday, September 20, 2017


C is for Customized Question Sets

H is for Have a Spell-Off

A is for Active Math! We jogged .6 of a mile toward our Mega Math Marathon while answering challenging questions about number sense. Only 25.6 miles to go! So many fun activities at GoNoodle!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017


C is for Customized Question Lists

H is for Have a Spell-Off! Using GoNoodle Plus, I created a list of my first-grader's names AND a list of the first 10 Fry words that start with /th/, then we had a blast with Bodyspell. You should check it out!

Bonus No Money Tuesday!

Monday, September 18, 2017


GoNoodle Plus has some great new-to-me features! You can create customized question sets to use during activities. It only took a few minutes to make questions based on our first five Reading book stories. The kids ran in place, jumped, dodged right and left during a Hot Dog Field Trip! Fun for everyone and burned off some energy!

No Money Monday was also a success! 
How was your Monday?

Saturday, September 16, 2017


Happy Jelly Roll Day!
Well, kind of. I shopped local. (Quilt Heaven)
The owner explained that Jelly Rolls don't sell 
until she marks them down.
So I bought a set of precut strips
Pretty colors. Batik.
Made a fresh pitcher of tea, turned on a podcast and...
7:05 This morning I needed 17 strips for Jelly Roll Slice, a free pattern from fatquartershop I've been wanting to try. I took out the darkest blue and the two lightest lights :) and started making strip sets.
Noticed why this is called Seashore. There are fish, shells and even sea turtles! Not my regular style, but cute. They are totally the colors our condo in New Smyrna Beach are decorated in, 1980s beachy colors.
By 9:40 The strip sets had turned into these:
At 12:20 I had these twenty-four strips ready:
Note to self: Next time (probably in Christmas-y colors I have in my stash) I'll strip-piece this part. I understand that they want to you use a Jelly Roll, and I'm playing along...
By 4:20, these twelve blocks were ready:
Kept at it and at 9:56 I finished pressing!
I'll probably add five more blocks across the bottom
 for a little more length.
It's nice knowing I can persevere and have a quilt top in a day!
Did you make a Jelly Roll project today?

Friday, September 8, 2017


Quilt-alongs are so fun! 
I love to see how different quilters interpret a pattern 
using their colors and ideas.
This summer I joined fatquartershop's
Lady of the Lake Quilt Along.
I was already thinking Fall with dark red and golden yellow.
This block is great for practicing half-square triangles
and matching points.
After making three more blocks in pumpkin-ish colors
I ended up with this cute mini
and hung it on my quilt pallet.
You should add this cute pattern to your to-do list.

Monday, September 4, 2017


No Money Monday update

Today! A no-spend day. I planned meals, shopped for groceries on Saturday. Made breakfast and lunch and even prepped tomorrow's lunch. Colton's lunches are packed for the week except for "something to microwave."
Last Monday...McDonald's for dinner, bought a canned drink at school. Excuse? Weekend road trip, returned rental car, my car to shop. 
Before that Monday...Eclipse day! No school so we ate lunch out after swimming at a friend's pool, just had fun.
Didn't realize I'd taken a cool picture.
Wish I'd got a few more.

Friday and Saturday of this week were also no-spend.
Added a few extra rules: I can donate to a cause on no-spend days if I can replace the money from my giveaway envelope.
Try my best to not use credit cards. I've moved a few balances around to no-interest, but paying them off is still a loooong term goal.
How was your Monday?

Monday, August 28, 2017


Today seems like the perfect opportunity to use one of my favorite formats :)

I am typing a blog post and unpacking groceries but...
Before that, we went to Walmart.
Before that, I took Bill home in the car he's letting me borrow.
Before that, we returned our rental car from our weekend road trip.
Before that, we ate at McDonald's.
Before that, we dropped my car off at the Service Garage.
Before that, we came home.
Before that, we had watched Between the Lions, had center-time, counted back from 120, wrote a sentence, read Hansel and Gretel and got rained out during playtime.
Before that, I had a chicken fajita for lunch.
Before that, we launched a new GoNoodle video, read our #bookaday (Children Make Terrible Pets) read our Take Home reader, shopped at the Book Fair, had school pictures made, introduced today's 3 Fry words, had 23 new kiddos in to start Reading RtI.
Before that, I tried to distribute my friend's lottery winnings (we split $8!) but everybody wants to roll it over to next week.
Before that, I met Mrs. Cathy so she could drive Colton to school.
Before that, I had two Krispy Kremes and a Diet Coke. Chocolate and caffeine make everything better.

How was your Monday?

Saturday, August 19, 2017


A peek at my week
Still working away on these little cuties.
Grays, greens and blues.
My first-grader's parents left Love Notes for their kiddos
during Open House. 
They are on our door
and cause lots of smiles.
We also made this chart to encourage perseverance.
Notice the yet.
We'll keep practicing!
This is shaping up to be my favorite year of school. EVER!