Saturday, April 16, 2016


We happily spent Spring Break at home this year. Only used one tank of gasoline for the whole week! Made dinner at home, cleaned, went to see Zootopia (love!) and finished this little quilt:
It's my second No Bake Jolly Bar. Big blocks show lots of pretty fabric, even some hoarded Riley Blake Autism. It is April, you know. I thought maybe the binding would be too dark/bright, but it's just perfect.
Happy weekend! 

Friday, April 1, 2016


Today is a great day for sooo many reasons...
1. It's Friday.
2. It's the Friday before Spring break.
3. It's Perfect Picture Book Friday.
This is our new favorite story.
Four guys go hunting for a bird- with a plan.
The plan goes awry.
The little guy's plan works better.
We've read it aloud several times- quite dramatically.
We play it on the playground and in lunch line.
It's wonderfully funny with very few words.

4. I left my flip flops in the picture because it's also Career dress-up day. My dream job is to call Bingo on a Carnival Cruise.
5. A mommy is bringing pizza in this afternoon and we're having popcorn and a movie.
It's a great day!

Friday, March 18, 2016


Slice of Life

     A few years ago, I made 20 individual boxes of 16 Legos. Doesn't sound like much, but we use them to start the day when more than 4 people are absent. So far this morning, kiddos have made a Legosicle, a W and a thing that flies around.

2015 Slice Need to walk on the trail this afternoon!

Thursday, March 17, 2016


Slice of Life
February writing samples finally finished in March.
Started on March's prompt today:
If I had three wishes...

2015 Slice Struggling readers
2014 Slice
2013 Slice

2015 Slice Not antsy yet this year :) Update on last year's reading buddy: She repeated first-grade AND stayed in my class. Her parents requested both which made me feel good. She is now reading 27 wpm! Still not where we want her but so much improvement!
2014 Slice

Monday, March 14, 2016


Slice of Life
What a weekend!
Colton's daddy took him to Comic-Con in Lexington, KY
He met Mick Foley, my favorite wrestler of all time. 
He told him, "I know you have a son with Autism
and my mom loves you."
Went out for my mom's birthday dinner.
Skipped my spray tan because 14 people were waiting.
(I'd heard 20 people were in line ahead of my friend the night before)
Still made it to church and the mall to shop for soccer supplies.
Early hallway duty this morning.

No 2015 Slice
2013 Slice Yet another Before that...

Thursday, March 10, 2016


Slice of Life

Snuggling down to read a new library book, but
Before that, made breakfast for dinner. Pancakes and bacon.
Before that, took Colton for a haircut.
Before that, shopped at a pop-up boutique at school. Cute stuff.
Before that, read-aloud from Ranger in Time: Rescue on the Oregon Trail.
Before that, Writer's Workshop and Math.
Before that, a retired teacher friend subbing in Music came to get my kiddos.
Before that, finished up Center time and played outside.
Before that, Lunch!
Before that, three Center rotations.
Before that, met with Board Office people and other first-grade teachers
     to plan our Lesson Study.
Before that, had no idea a co-worker could be such a non-team player. Sheesh.
Before that, a short Guided Reading lesson.
Before that, called mom to wish her a Happy Birthday!
Before that, met Mrs. Cathy to take Colton to school.
Before that, up and at 'em. Morning routine.

No 2015 Slice
2014 Slice Beef Macaroni Soup! Need to try this again...
2013 Slice Made a scarf

and Happy Birthday Mom!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016


Slice of Life

Inspired by my March 7, 2013 Slice
We each walked a lap around the inside of the school
and wrote about what we saw. (or sall, or even worse seen)
It is soooo hard for me to let them write on my our charts,
but I love their developmental spelling.

2015 Slice I love the Before that format. Need to try it again soon.
We are one story earlier in our Reading series this year.
2013 Slice This is still how I conduct Writer's Workshop. To a tee.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Slice of Life

Trying to get in a routine of grocery shopping on Monday evening...
Meal plan for this week:
Tues- broccoli, white beans and bacon using this new-to-me recipe Edited: Yum!
Wed- smoked pork chops, cornbread Stove Top stuffing, lima beans
Thurs- pork fried rice
Fri- something from the freezer- pizza? burritos?
Sat- Mom's birthday, dinner out
Sun- dinner out after church
Mon- baked ziti, garlic bread
No 2015 Slice, oops
No 2013 Slice, oops again
What's with March 8?

Why I love first-grade Writer's Workshop journals...
We've been working with words that look alike except for one different letter. Thursday, we wrote about now/ new, but yesterday I found this excellent example for want/went:
"I want to go to the mall, but I went to Dollar General."
We've all been there, haven't we?
Look at her hands on hips and tapping foot :)

Saturday, March 5, 2016


     Three-day weekend? Yes, please! Today seems like an extra Saturday! Busy, busy, busy and happy. Why?
1. Had breakfast from food in the house. I've changed grocery shopping to Monday evening and we still had some food left. Our new routine is starting to work. Exercised afterward.
2. Picked up Colton's artwork from our local gallery. They had a special showing of Special Olympic athlete's work last Friday evening.
3. Voted in the Republican Caucus. Didn't even know what a caucus was until this week. Thought it was a meeting of some sort.
4. Made my son extremely happy by fixing Blondies using this recipe. Replaced the chocolate chips with m&ms. They were yum. Finishing the evening making homemade Chex Mix.

Friday, March 4, 2016


     Snow Day! Ran the dishwasher, ran the vacuum, load of laundry, got a spray tan. Sounds fun? 
     Lesson learned- One Saturday, a few months ago I volunteered to take our church's contribution of stuff to our local homeless shelter. Was told that they only accept donation Monday- Friday. No problem! This afternoon, I tried to deliver two of my quilts and some sheets. Found out the rules are even more specific: They only accept donations M-F from 8:30- 1:30. Hmm...oh well, I will try again during Spring Break and hopefully have another quilt finished.

Getting to know each other question #3: If I had a billion euros, I would pay off my credit cards and house, then travel with my family.
2015 Slice So glad I'm checking previous year's Slices. How strange that the same thing happened yesterday, except out of school one-hour early. Got the same call last night- No School!
2014 Slice A Currently post and yet another Snow Day. Weird.
2013 Slice A nice, cozy evening in