Saturday, October 20, 2018


     Here are twenty of my 100 Blocks for 100 Days 
all sewn up in a Halloweeny top:
I'm trying to quilt a freehand spiderweb
that I have pictured in my head.
It's taking more math than I imagined
but we'll get there. 
These little blocks put a major dent in my Halloween stash!
Happy Saturday!

Monday, September 3, 2018



     When I received Tula Pink's City Sampler 100 Modern Quilt Blocks to use during Gnome Angel's #100days100blocks2018 sew-along I knew it was going to be out of my comfort zone. 

Modern? Not me.
100 days? The longest blogging challenge I've ever stuck with is 9 days.

     But I started early, planned around vacations, made a calendar chart so I'd know what day to post and so far, I've done it! And I'm so glad! It's been great practice in color choice, accurate cutting and precise sewing with 1/4" seams.
     Here are the first fifty blocks...
      My goal is to keep on keeping on- make and post one a day with Block 86 on September 30. I have a rule that I can't post the daily block until the next day's block is sewn. Right now, I'm two blocks ahead!
Wish me luck!

Saturday, July 28, 2018


And already being enjoyed by a little sweetie pie.
Good news! He weighed 2 pounds, 1 ounce this morning!
More details in this post :)
It was hard to get a good picture
since the colors are so low-volume.
My next two projects are scrappy
just the way I like them.

One more week of summer
so we're heading to Disney 
for Colton's belated graduation trip-
had to wait for free dining.

Monday, July 9, 2018


     Today's assignment for Teachers Write was to read this horrible story about a lady finding her neighbor's King Cobra behind her dryer. Oh my... While reading, we were to come up with characters involved in this story and how their perspectives may differ.
1.  My perspective: I was born in Orlando and am heading there in 24 days. First huge spiders, water bugs, gators, now cobras to watch out for.
2. The lady that found it: How awful! I'd have to sell the house. How could you ever sleep again?
3. The guy that lost it: Hooray! Except for being in court for waiting too long to report it missing
4. The animal control guy: Just another day at the office
5. The kids at the nearby elementary school who didn't get outside recess while the snake was missing: Might have liked it. Indoor recess can be chaotic, which is probably fun for kiddos.

     Next, we were to brainstorm the documents these people may use for this story. I text and post on Facebook, Instagram and my blog. The lady that found it AND the guy who lost it were probably on the news and written about in the newspaper. The animal control guy probably wrote a lengthy report for his own work and all the lawyers. The school kiddos may have written in their journals during my favorite time of the school day- Writer's Workshop!

     Teachers Write is such a great way to get back in the swing of writing for and with my first-graders. This snake story is an excellent way to practice Point of View, it's not always easy to come up with a topic.

Sunday, July 8, 2018


     While tanning this summer, I listen to Alex Anderson's Quilt Connection podcasts. They last about 15 minutes each and are about a range of quilting topics. In Episode 50, she suggested trying something new/ stretching yourself which I have been doing...
     I've been preparing to sew-along with GnomeAngel's #100days100blocks project. I've already made the blocks for the days we're in Gatlinburg and Disney, all the Sundays this month and a few days ahead this week. We're using Tula Pink's City Sampler 100 Modern Quilt Blocks book. The blocks are really cool and some have definitely been a stretch for me- 25 tiny pieces in a 6 1/2" block! Such good practice.

     We're trying to squeeze every bit of fun into these "last few" weeks at home this summer (We really have five weeks left but planned our vacations late July and August) so I'm finding interesting places to take the pictures. 
     The baby quilt is almost finished, just a few straight quilting lines and binding to go. My Fifteen Minutes to Stitch turns into an hour or so each day.  

Saturday, June 30, 2018

make, fast!

     In April, a sweet little friend asked if I made quilts to order for people. Her grandson was in my class years (he's in Middle school now) ago, and her daughter was expecting another grandbaby. She brought me the cute, woodland fabric on the far left and some pretty mint green flannel.
     The baby was due in October. No problem! Finish by at least September. After finishing my Trip Around the World a couple weeks ago, I pulled some grays, aquas, taupes and light blues from my stash. I'd been wanting to play with the Elevator Music Quilt pattern from Quilting Happiness. I worked a little each day with a goal of finishing before my Gatlinburg trip on July 19. Well...
    On Tuesday, they put the mommy on bedrest because of some complications; we prayed and prayed. We received what we thought was bad news on Wednesday, we cried and prayed some more. This sweet boy arrived extra early, two and a half pounds/ 12 inches long and on Thursday morning, he and his mommy were resting comfortably. Needless to say, my finish goal is scooted up! The top is almost together, lying in my living room floor. Must get to work!   

Monday, June 18, 2018


Finally finished! Trip Around the World.
My seventh project from Quiltmaker's Gift.
I may come back to this book later
but there are many other projects to work on this summer.
I bought all new fabric for this one.
I love the sparkle/movement the orange print seems to give.
Lessons learned? never go into the fabric store
thinking you know what you want.
There may be something even better!

I stitched for more than Fifteen Minutes 10 out of the past 11 days!
Even though this isn't scrappy, it is Rainbow-y.
Happy Summer!

Sunday, May 20, 2018


Four evenings this week!
Still quilting away on my Trip Around the World, 
but also cutting into my scrap boxes 
for my next project- Ruby Pearl and Opal
a free pattern on Moda Bake Shop.
These are from the first box. 
Pieces F and G are the easiest size scraps to find
2 1/2 x 5 and 2 1/2 x 3 inches.

I'm also working on Bless Yous-
little tissue covers
I watched several youtube tutorials
and came up with these little cuties.
Perfect for donation to Ronald McDonald House
and hospitals places with happy and sad tears.

Nine more days of school!
We can do this!

Sunday, April 15, 2018


Five days last week
Three days this week
So close...
Finished this top up today!
Ordered backing online.
This may be my second favorite one ever.

Saturday, April 7, 2018


Put almost 100 miles on the car yesterday
participating in our local
Spring Open House- Mini Shop Hop.
First stop:
This was my third visit.
 I've had a conversation with the owner and purchased fabric each time.
She once again asked if it was my first visit and said,
 "Even though the sign says we don't have a bathroom, we really do."
Second stop:
Also my third visit. 
They act like you're bothering them.
Big sigh from the cashier as she got out of her chair to ring me up.

Did these odd comments/ grouchy Gus' hinder me?
Heavens, no! and I'm so thankful, because...
Third stop:
So friendly and cute! Great selection!
Sweet little ladies eating potato salad
and wanting to visit!
My kind of place!
Fourth stop:
So friendly, cozy and cute! 
Again, little ladies eating snacks and visiting.
A great ending to the day.

My new loot:
I bought a little at each stop.