Saturday, January 24, 2015


A Finish!
Another little Two Happy quilt, this time in pink!  
I love all these bright colors, again completely from my stash except for the backing. 
Found a pink and orange floral that was too cute to pass up.
 Made for donation to Project Linus.

Then...while starting a new project- cute little wonky squares- from a vintage Strawberry Shortcake valance I found at Goodwill...while threading the needle (insert scary music) I accidentally stepped on the pedal and 
Oh my goodness! It could have been much worse, but it was pretty bad. I had to reverse the machine to back the needle out. YIKES! It didn't go all the way through, but it bruised the other side. Two days of Neosporin and a lot of sympathy from family and friends, it's all good. Just two tiny poke holes.

Anyway, these little goody bags are for my birthday lunch at Hibachi this afternoon:
A girl only turns 46 once, right?

Saturday, January 17, 2015


Two snow days this week!
Dress A Girl is collecting pillowcase dresses for little girls in West Virginia. I've had this cute sprinkle/ice cream sundae fabric for a while and I used my old standby pattern Simplicity 2228. Size 4 only uses a half-yard of the main fabric. I bought new pink polka dot ribbon yesterday to use instead of the red.
This week's challenge was supposed to use gesso (which I didn't) and a quote about today being the best day as inspiration. Mine is quite elementary :) using map pages of Arizona (a great vacation memory) and West Virginia, of course. I'm using this journal as a list of my projects and goals through the year.

I've already made my Saturday pitcher of iced tea. Have you?

Monday, January 12, 2015


Snow Day! Tater tots for breakfast!
Last week's sewing.
and a new project
My first challenge page! We used book pages with a Goalkeeper theme.  I found New Year's pages in an old Childcraft Encyclopedia, watercolor paints, gray chevron and polka dot papers and sequins. My little word for the year? Persevere. Sounded boring at first, but it's just the reminder I need- work until you finish what you start. I've seen it, or synonyms thereof, many times since the beginning of the year.

Saturday, January 3, 2015


Ah, Christmas between my naps and reading, I did a little sewing.
Not proud of my half-square triangles and the trimming,
but when it's in with the whole gang,
 it will be fine.
Happy Saturday!

Monday, December 22, 2014


     We are almost rested up from last Saturday in New York. So much fun! Started with getting cleaned up in a fancy restaurant bathroom (thanks to a sweet waiter) and finished with an egg salad sandwich at Junior's. We saw the Rockefeller Christmas tree (three times :) rode the Red Bus all around town. Shopped at the Nintendo store and FAO Schwarz. Ate lunch in a little Deli and watched the world go by. A wonderful day!

     More wonderful news? My class' holiday story won another Honorable Mention in Susanna Leonard Hill's contest! There was some stiff competition. I am amazed that people can write so much rhyme and have it totally make sense.

     Christmas shopping is almost finished- ready for a relaxing two-week vacation at home. Staying in my jammies all day today!

Thursday, December 11, 2014


I wrote a little story frame, but wasn't sure of an ending. After explaining it to my kiddos, they started to work. They have the sweetest ideas! Instead of just kittens and puppies in our animal shelter, we had to add a fruit bat.
After some revision, on Day 2 the children came up with some alternate endings and names for characters. Our Principal read it aloud, we revised some more and then some more. Today, we took out a lot of adjectives- our word count is 348. Oh, so close.
Our weather is not extremely wacky, just worrisome. Without further adieu...
Hopeful Christmas Eve
     The wind howled outside. The Kringles added a warm blanket to each animal's cage. "Wasn't it nice of the first-graders to donate blankets to our Animal Shelter?" asked Mrs. Kringle.
     "Did the kittens get some cream?" asked Mr. Kringle.
     "Yes. The puppies got a dog biscuit and Nightshade got an orange," answered Mrs. Kringle.
     The snow had piled up all day. The Kringles pulled on their coats and hats to leave early because of the blizzard. Mr. Kringle checked the heater and left on the Christmas tree lights.
     "Sleep tight little friends!" Mrs. Kringle said as they locked the door.
     The kittens, puppies and fruit bat were content in the shelter, but Christmas Eve was still a lonely evening.
     They drifted off to sleep, then heard the front door open. It was Mr. Kringle. He wasn't alone! A daddy, mommy and little girl were with him.
     "We're sorry we waited until the last minute. We couldn't disappoint Carrie."
     Carrie walked to Snowflake's cage. "This is the kitten I played with when we volunteered. Can I have her Daddy?"
     "Of course!" said Daddy. Mommy gently packed Snowflake in a basket. She meowed good-bye to her friends and left with her new family.
     "What a happy Christmas for Snowflake," said Jingle. "I wonder who will be next to find a family?
     "I wonder how Santa will make it with all this deep snow?" asked Snowball.
     "Santa's sleigh has strong runners. He always makes it through," said Nightshade. The animals said goodnight and snuggled down to dream of Christmas morning.
     "Wake up little friend. Let's go!" said a sweet voice.
     Sprinkles, Jingle and Snowball rubbed their eyes. Nightshade stretched out his wings.
     "Go where?" asked Jingle, yawning.
     "My sleigh! Three special children asked for a cuddly pet this year. You are going to live with them," said Santa. "Nightshade, you are going to live in the attic in my castle."
     The animals were so happy! Santa unlocked their cages and they climbed aboard his sleigh.
     "Hang on!" Santa exclaimed and they flew through the sky to find their forever homes.  
 In other news...
Colton and I are taking a red-eye bus trip to New York City tomorrow night! Make sure to watch the Today Show Saturday morning- we're gonna try to be in the crowd. So excited!

Saturday, December 6, 2014

share, make

Reading and Math DEA and DIBELS due next Friday. Each one almost finished. Awake at 5:30 this morning wondering which math mini-lesson to do? Should I assign a writing topic? But's Saturday!! Back to sleep with a happy smile.

Finished Block 2 of Sew Sweet Simplicity last week.
Put a little pink in this one- all stashed fabrics. So many little pieces, but I love how it turned out. Slow and steady wins the race. 

Saturday, November 22, 2014


November gratitude
Day 19: Thankful for my seam ripper. While working on the first Sew Sweet Simplicity BOM I put an outer corner four-patch on wrong, twice. Using some of my favorite blues- Riley Blake Autism puzzle pieces and ticking.
Day 20: Thankful for a cozy evening snuggled down reading.
Day 21: Thankful that we are blessed with extra. Love packing a OCC Shoebox each year for a little boy.
Day 22: Thankful for another fun day with family. Happy Birthday to Joscelyn!

Friday, November 21, 2014


     In my opinion, there are many things six-year olds shouldn't know about. A little girl should not know about her grandma's car "getting jacked" or that her family doesn't have any money until her dad gets up and goes back to work. The children in my class know not to talk about boyfriend/girlfriend stuff. I think they need to be little kids for as long as possible.
     Whole group read-aloud time is a perfect opportunity for little kid fun and today's book selection has been a classroom favorite two years running.
     Oh my goodness, just look at the bunny's face! Can't you tell this book is a hoot? There are only five words in this whole cause/ effect story. The pictures do their job perfectly. Imagine...angry bees, a grouchy bear, a handy flagpole?? The kids are eating out of my hand by the middle of this hilarious little book.
     After reading, we've started a daily Share the Pen activity. Instead of bad news (there's too much of that in their little lives) two children share good news and very good news. These sentences are proudly displayed in the hallway.
This book earned a five-star rating in our class. Try to check it out sometime.   

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Catching up on my gratitude...

Last Wednesday, day 12: short PLC Leader meeting instead of teacher's meeting.

Day 13: Perfect attendance in our class- got soo much done.

Day 14: Have extra spending money this month. Drove to Cincinnati to stay overnight at Great Wolf Lodge. 

Day 15: Christmas shopping! IKEA, Kenwood Mall, Jungle Jim's

Day 16: a little more shopping for my Operation Christmas Child shoebox- Target, AC Moore, Dollar Tree

Day 17: Nice day at school. Snow during the day so there was a little excitement in the air.

Day 18: Our first snow day! Or Sew Day for me.