Tuesday, October 4, 2016


Working my way straight through this book:
Quilts from one of my favorite picture books.
Here's the beautiful, peaceful example from the story:
Blue and green with black in the corner.
And now, here's my version:
Every color with black in the corner!
and a wackadoo bubble print in between!
Love it!
Edited Oct 8: Fall Break plans change...needed a new car battery. Enjoying a loooong weekend at home.
Sneak peek at my next quilt:
These are taking a lot more thinking and planning than my usuals. 
Proud to say I've only had to pick out one seam!

Saturday, September 10, 2016


Shew! Another week flew by.
Where do I begin? 
1. Bus duty adds an extra hour to the school day. In the gym.

2. Our district has grade levels meet for Teacher Academy, a whirlwind (using a timer- 2 minutes for this, 90 seconds for that) of new things to add to an already overwhelming schedule.

3. Planning for a sub because of Jury Duty. My class is especially challenging this year, but they are learning how things roll in our room.
Me: I didn't get Grand Jury.
Retired Kindergarten teacher sub: Good! She had quite a morning.

4. Sneak peek!
Thought the background would be too busy but I'm loving it! Two blocks down, ten to go.

5. Last night, we stood at our post to direct runners and walkers during our Midnight Glow Run 5K to benefit Special Olympics. Hawaiian shirts and all. Colton threw caution to the wind and held a light-up balloon despite his Latex allergy :)
The big question: 
Why do four day Holiday weeks seem so much longer than regular five day weeks?

Saturday, September 3, 2016


Seventeen days of school already?
And a three day weekend?
I'll take it!
Finished! Found my go-to polka dot for the binding at Joann's.
I've used it several times over the years.
These little cuties remind me of a school of fishies
so I'm going to say,
"They're coming along swimmingly."

Happy Long Weekend!

Saturday, August 27, 2016


What's going on at our house?
Better week at school.
Routines help everyone feel comfortable.
Tanned for 30 minutes this morning, broken up into 18 + 12.
Way too hot even at 10:00 am.
Sewing like the wind (from Three Amigos)
to finish this before August is over:
 Big criss-cross squares.
I often thought that wasn't enough quilting
but the well-loved quilt I made my niece
before she was born has stood the test of time.
Bright, strong colors.
Looking for a yellow multi-color polka dot binding.
Off to spend the afternoon at mom and dad's.
They're canning grape jelly.
Happy weekend!

Monday, August 22, 2016


A few tweaks to my classroom routines...

1. Combined my Writing and Math journals. Two years ago, we started using half a page each day for Writing. We started out strong with Math journals and they fell by the wayside. This year, we're using the same notebook for both. I'm continuing to send it home for show-off time every other Thursday so parents can see our progress.

2. Vocabulary folders. I've used A Word a Day for several years (another started out strong...) but this year, we're using a Speaking and Listening vocabulary activity every other week. We'll collect the activity pages in our folder to make our own dictionary. Our county-wide book study is Word Nerds, which has tons of great ideas. I've adapted one idea for our Kagan mat on each table:
3. I've been invited to be a GoNoodle Ambassador this year! We use these fun exercise videos at 10:25 each day. Go check them out!

4. I'm trying to lighten up a bit. This year's group is quite talkative and wiggly. I've always let kiddos stand up at (near) their desks while they're working and I'm trying to let them visit more during nonessential work times. Patience...

Saturday, August 6, 2016


Almost have my scrappy Pearl Gray top put together and
these colorful little blocks make me way happier than they should.
Stitching three each day. 

Last hurrah of summer to Gatlinburg, Tennessee:
All of our regular stops plus...
thanks to GPS.
Big selection and friendly salespeople.
My kind of place.
 We visited the Wheels Through Time motorcycle museum
and acted a little silly.
Fun trip ending a wonderful summer.
Back to school on Monday. 

Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Fifty-five minutes of work.
Not even close to ready for school
but it's a start.

Saturday, July 23, 2016


A finish
Another Charm Box!
This time in pink.

And a couple of starts
My first two scrappy blocks
of Pearl Gray from
Christa Watson's Machine Quilting with Style.
These took over an hour but I'll get faster.
Can't strip piece the scrappy ones :)

I'm also cutting 2 1/2" strips of each fabric for another project.
Planning to work my way through
They start out easy but then get more challenging.
I'm gonna need some Rainbow Challenge friend's encouragement!

Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Colton and I took 100 Steps off our front porch to the right.
We usually go straight ahead or left for our walks.
We usually drive to the right
but we've never stopped at this very spot
at the end of my neighbor's driveway.
All of a sudden our subdivision
 looks like an old country crossroad with a rustic barn.
Love it!
Makes me want to stop some other places :) 

Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Backstory #1: After ten years of not dating anybody, raising my son and working, I started dating the most wonderful man 10 months ago yesterday.
Backstory #2: Some lights have burned out on our local Chinese restaurant's sign. Instead of China House, it reads China Ho. This tickles us, but not as much as...

As we entered China Ho's parking lot, I noticed there were absolutely no cars going through the drive-thru of the neighboring McDonald's. No cars parked on that side at all! We've had crazy weather lately so I wondered if their power was out. Not the case- lights were on. Just nobody on the right side of McDonald's.
I mentioned how eerie it looked. Kinda bothered me.
I asked, "Have you ever seen that? Nobody at McDonald's?"
He answered, "Yes, I have."

Fifteen minutes later, as we ate dinner, his answer struck me as funny. It seemed unbelievable to me. I started laughing, trying to keep quiet, which made it worse. It was like getting tickled in church trying not to draw attention, but you just can't stop. My friends Jody, Jolene and I would laugh uncontrollably about the dumbest stuff in Middle School. It was like that with tears.

I was able to pull myself together. As we walked to car, he explained that since he drives to work early in the morning that he had indeed seen McDonald's with no cars many a time. This time I believed him, but I'm laughing AGAIN as I write this.

When was your last uncontrollable laugh?