Monday, March 2, 2015


     I started a little project of my students is not reading on grade level yet. 

Background: She's new to our school this year. Her family moved three times during Kindergarten. At Open House, she scribbled on a painting a former student had made for me. Her grandmother made no attempt to stop her, so I took the marker out of her hand myself. During playtime, she hit, grabbed, pulled hair, had a hard time making friends. She knew a few consonant sounds and one vowel sound- short a.

During the year: She's settled in except for some transition times. She very happy, loving and giving. Needs attention all day. If I speak to her in the morning, she thinks it's free rein to hop up every few minutes. She is in RtI individual Reading and group Math. 
     On Mondays, each child reads a grade-level passage for me. I time them for one minute, marking where they stop and their errors. To keep it consistent, I count five letters as one word. Our end of year goal is 60 words per minute. Students that don't fluently finish the passage reread it for me Tuesday and Wednesday.
     This little girl is averaging six wpm. She successfully uses consonant sounds now and can usually sound out cvc words. During Self-Selected reading, she retells stories in a sing-song voice by looking at the pictures.
     I've decided to let her begin our second reader (again) in an attempt to help her catch up. We'll use the same routine as our on-level guided reading lessons. The story three days in a row, test, using a reading passage from that story for her one-minute timing. 
     Today, we read Big Fish for Max. It uses digraphs th, ch and sh and al, and the sight words eat, said, good. She attempted to sound out said two times, read it correctly once then called it sat. Her strategy of choice is to sound out the first letter and guess something/anything. I redirected her many times back to the word at hand. She will successful sound-out a word then say a totally unrelated word.
     I'm excited to see if this added individual attention helps. My goal is to complete the second reader by March 27. Wish us luck! 

Sunday, March 1, 2015


     So thankful for the opportunity to serve dinner at a homeless shelter yesterday. Our group from church toured the facility first, then worked in their cafeteria. What a wonderful program. They serve families with children and single ladies first, then single men. Dinner included barbecues, mac and cheese, salad and applesauce.
     Colton and I talked afterward on the way to visit my parents. I love to get his unique take on things. He said it was like eating school food on the weekend, and that he doesn't like all of the school food. I appreciated being reminded of all my blessings, so thankful that I have choices.

March Proverbs Challenge
     Reading one chapter each day, then trying to pick a Word to Live By from each chapter. Today's word is listen.
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Saturday, February 28, 2015


So much snow! The ground is still covered a week later. It's crunchy on the top where it melts and refreezes. We had seven snow days, then eased back to school with a 2-hour delay, then 1-hour and a full day yesterday. Used the short school days to get ahead on some testing and writing pieces.
Used my snow days for this:
I've been asked to make a quilt in boy colors AND we have a new second cousin in the family. I used another Project 12 quilts pattern- Little Owls. While I was cutting these wonderfully big blocks, I also cut blocks and strips for another Little Leapfrog. Disclaimer: This is NOT completely from stash :( but it was fun shopping for the grays and blues. I've been adding a narrow white sashing between the blocks this morning.

In other crafting news...
Two more pages in my Documented Life journal. On the left, our theme was Words With Friends. I listed words from texts I'd received and silly conversations from a very special week in February. On the right is my attempt at one of the cardinals on the vertical strip. Again, very elementary :) The theme was What Lies Beneath. I used Psalm 91:4-
He will cover you with His feathers
under His wings you will find refuge. NIV

Happy Weekend!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Snowed-in Sewing
I love how the quilting lines make new four-patch designs.
Free pattern available here with a lot of other cute ideas.
Off to put a pork roast in the crockpot and sew some more!

Saturday, February 14, 2015


I fell in love with this Little Leapfrog pattern a while back. Looking at the link this morning- so many cute ideas! But, I digress...
While shopping at my favorite Goodwill in Maysville, KY, I found a Strawberry Shortcake valance. Some sweet grandma or mommy probably made it for a little girl's room a long time ago. Not wanting to waste an inch, I spent an evening picking out every stitch.
Thirty little blocks came first:
So much fun to make!
I started playing with the layout. Random is so hard for me.
 My brain doesn't think that way. So they are kinda organized.
It's all put together now, and I've started the hand-quilting.
Even though the tiny squares look wonky, 
they're all centered on two sides. Who knew?
Happy Valentine's Day!

Monday, February 9, 2015


Super fun Saturday!
Bought new snow-day play clothes- black is so slimming-
and went tubing at Perfect North with 53 friends from church.
We had a blast!
I did not carry my purse all day :)

Snow days are few and far between this year.
It's really cutting into my sewing/crafting time.
Started hand-quilting a little top (pictures coming soon)
and worked on the next page in my art journal:
The theme was color wheel.
Who knew I loved to watercolor paint so much?

Saturday, January 24, 2015


A Finish!
Another little Two Happy quilt, this time in pink!  
I love all these bright colors, again completely from my stash except for the backing. 
Found a pink and orange floral that was too cute to pass up.
 Made for donation to Project Linus.

Then...while starting a new project- cute little wonky squares- from a vintage Strawberry Shortcake valance I found at Goodwill...while threading the needle (insert scary music) I accidentally stepped on the pedal and 
Oh my goodness! It could have been much worse, but it was pretty bad. I had to reverse the machine to back the needle out. YIKES! It didn't go all the way through, but it bruised the other side. Two days of Neosporin and a lot of sympathy from family and friends, it's all good. Just two tiny poke holes.

Anyway, these little goody bags are for my birthday lunch at Hibachi this afternoon:
A girl only turns 46 once, right?

Saturday, January 17, 2015


Two snow days this week!
Dress A Girl is collecting pillowcase dresses for little girls in West Virginia. I've had this cute sprinkle/ice cream sundae fabric for a while and I used my old standby pattern Simplicity 2228. Size 4 only uses a half-yard of the main fabric. I bought new pink polka dot ribbon yesterday to use instead of the red.
This week's challenge was supposed to use gesso (which I didn't) and a quote about today being the best day as inspiration. Mine is quite elementary :) using map pages of Arizona (a great vacation memory) and West Virginia, of course. I'm using this journal as a list of my projects and goals through the year.

I've already made my Saturday pitcher of iced tea. Have you?

Monday, January 12, 2015


Snow Day! Tater tots for breakfast!
Last week's sewing.
and a new project
My first challenge page! We used book pages with a Goalkeeper theme.  I found New Year's pages in an old Childcraft Encyclopedia, watercolor paints, gray chevron and polka dot papers and sequins. My little word for the year? Persevere. Sounded boring at first, but it's just the reminder I need- work until you finish what you start. I've seen it, or synonyms thereof, many times since the beginning of the year.

Saturday, January 3, 2015


Ah, Christmas between my naps and reading, I did a little sewing.
Not proud of my half-square triangles and the trimming,
but when it's in with the whole gang,
 it will be fine.
Happy Saturday!