Saturday, August 19, 2017


A peek at my week
Still working away on these little cuties.
Grays, greens and blues.
My first-grader's parents left Love Notes for their kiddos
during Open House. 
They are on our door
and cause lots of smiles.
We also made this chart to encourage perseverance.
Notice the yet.
We'll keep practicing!
This is shaping up to be my favorite year of school. EVER!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Made a little challenge for myself:
No Money Mondays!

     My goal for this school year is to not spend money on Monday. In order to do this, I'll need to:

1. Plan meals- We have a loose plan each week, but we sometimes shake things up. Tuesday is usually baked ziti, but tonight? Surprise! Chicken potpie!
2. Grocery shop on the weekend- I've tried shopping evenings during the week but can't stick with it.
3. Pack my lunch- leftovers are my favorite, but taking a minute to put peanut butter crackers and granola bars in my purse helps too. 

     Teachers actually started back last Monday. Update: That PD I was nervous about? Didn't happen. My principal didn't forward an email he received on July 7 which would've eased my mind a month earlier, BUT finding out at 2:30 the day before was pretty sweet too. My friend and I had lunch at McDonald's challenge started yesterday :) I made it! and it even carried over to today! A bonus no-spend Tuesday.

Have you tracked how much you spent today?

Saturday, August 5, 2017


Took a break from these little bowties
for this little project with fatquartershop
Half-square triangles trimmed to 3 1/2"
for their Lady of the Lake quilt-along.
With this wonderful Fall-ish weather we're having
I'm ready for pumpkin and cider colors!

Teachers go back to school on Monday.
I have to lead a PD session on Explicit Instruction.
Kinda nervous.
Not sure I can fill an hour, but I'm pretty sure
people will play along and visit after being apart all summer.

Happy weekend!

Saturday, July 29, 2017


Love it!
There is a single Log Cabin block in Quiltmaker's Gift.
Pretty colors and a fussy-cut flower center.

I checked several troubleshooting youtube videos
and decided to do a little shopping 
instead of taking my sewing machine to be fixed.
This came home with me yesterday!
Oh my goodness!
It has flowers on it!
It even smells good!
Happy Saturday!

Saturday, July 22, 2017


I usually know just how a quilt will look from the start.
But Log Cabins can be arranged so many ways!
Kinda liked Star:
 but didn't like how the colors balanced out.
Really like Diamonds:
 again, didn't like how the colors worked out.
Decided on...
which got everyone's vote except my dad.
He said one of each.
Silly dad.
If I make another one, it will be all scrappy and wackadoo.
Happy Saturday!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Home again!
How fun was our trip, you may ask?

Wednesday: Mickey Waffles for breakfast!
Blizzard Beach 6/10 Love the Lazy River and pool
Animal Kingdom 9/10 Kali River Rapids, fried rice and egg rolls
Magic Kingdom 10/10 as always 
The Happily Ever After Fireworks are the best.
Had wonderful Mexican food at Pecos Bill's.

Thursday: Epcot 10/10 Soarin', Test Track
 and Colton's favorite Spaceship Earth
Walked a lap around World Showcase.
Mickey Pretzel and an icy-cold Diet Coke hit the spot.
Crayola Experience at the Florida Mall 10/10
Adding our artwork to the animated wall
Filling a tin with whatever crayons you want!
Spent a little time at Disney Springs 6/10
Too crowded for my liking.
Friday: Lunch at Clancy's
 then a little beach time in New Smyrna 10/10

Love a quick getaway!
Are you going anywhere before school starts?

Monday, July 10, 2017


Same vacation, different Points of View

This has been a WONDERFUL summer, cooler weather, 
fun little day trips, sewing, but...

School starts in 27 days. 

I started getting panicky that we hadn't gone anywhere and planned a quick trip to Disney.

My point of view: a little nervous, driving straight through tomorrow, feeling guilty about using my credit card. In my defense, I bought new tires, had the air conditioners in my car and house worked on, bought a new vacuum AND had the septic tank cleaned out. Paid all that in cash. So even though my CC balances are still WAY higher than I like, I want to go on a trip and get a little Florida sun before another year of school.

Colton's point of view: Excited! His favorite cousin will visit us. We'll also do Crayola Experience and one day at Universal. 

My guy BFF's point of view: Can't understand why we'd go when just last week I wouldn't use my CC to buy a new couch. Told us to have a good time.

My girl BFF's point of view: Completely understands because July is flying by! (also a teacher)

My dad's point of view: nervous about me driving but always wants us to have fun

My mom's point of view: same as dad, making treats for us to have in the car

Saturday, July 8, 2017


Places we've never been
1. Coney Island Cute amusement park rides/
huge, wonderful pool you can take floats in
So huge, in fact,
a lifeguard rows around the deep end in a little boat

Of course, we've been here a gazillion times.
Field trips, my 40th birthday, family reunion
BUT...the golf course closed and is now a walking trail.
A little longer drive, but what's a quarter tank of gas compared to this?
My chair out in the lake.
Wonderful breeze.
Could've stayed a week.

Have you gone anywhere new lately?

A little sewing here and there
 pinks and grays
All the colors!
(My favorite)

Tuesday, June 20, 2017


A little more sewing...
Kinda hard to see 
but the last "white" round of each block
is a cute confetti-ish print
I got at an unfriendly quilt shop in Myrtle Beach.
Maybe she was having a bad day but sheesh.
Love the fabric selection though :)
Pink blocks tomorrow!

Please check back next Tuesday to see
what a week's worth of TLC can do
to help this $3.00 clearance cutie:
Pretty scraggly and sad.

Saturday, June 17, 2017


A finish
Ready for a picnic!
or a drive down Route 66 pulling a vintage teardrop camper.
(dreaming) only after paying off credit cards
and getting hardwood floors.

A start
The third pattern in Quilts from the Quiltmaker's Gift
good old Log Cabin.
One and a half inch strips mean I'm using up tons of small scraps.
My goal is two blocks each day.

Saw this idea on Facebook, showed my BFF
and when I got home, he'd already brought me three pallets.
Harvested broccoli three times
and the flowers are taking over :)

How's your summer going?