Friday, March 16, 2018


     Twice this week two little girls said, "I wish we'd finished Roz."
     "We did," I answered, thinking it was such a What? That's it? ending (no spoiler alerts here) that they didn't realize The Wild Robot had ended.

     Our class enjoyed this story so much. It is a middle-grade novel but while pre-reading for Global Read Aloud I just knew my kiddos could handle it. They fell in love!
     They played Roz at playtime. They wrote about her in their journals. Even my previously homeschooled, uninterested in all-things-school little friend drew lodges with smoke billowing out the top, Roz and Brightbill for days on the back of his finished work. We learned amazing vocabulary, cool text features and so many interesting things about animals. There were gasps of No! (when Brightbill tried Roz's off button) and a few tears.

     Well, my pre-ordered sequel Wild Robot Escapes arrived yesterday! Four days early and 97 cents cheaper. Yay Amazon! I am so excited (besides it's Friday!) to get to school! I'm gonna grab the original from the library so we can read the last chapter again, and meanie that I am, will probably expect them to write predictions in their journal before we start. Hope they don't mind :)

Friday, March 9, 2018


     Besides spontaneously falling out of a chair from a seated position, first-graders are pretty famous for pulling teeth. I've watched kiddos wiggle a tooth all day. Then they need a baggie usually right in the middle of a reading lesson.
     Forty-three years ago, I knocked my own tooth down my throat while showing my first-grade teacher how loose it was. She was gracious enough to write my mom a note so the Tooth Fairy would come. My Colton was always creeped out by the idea that someone would be in his room while he slept, so he'd leave a note somewhere besides under his pillow.

     Story from today...
Little cutie-pie: While I was at Disneyworld the Tooth Fairy left me a five dollar bill. She'd never done that before.
Me: Wow! Was it a really big tooth?
LCP: No, just a regular one, but I had taken really good care of it.

     Do you have any Tooth Fairy memories?

Thursday, March 8, 2018


     Just paid my last car payment! Woohoo! It still feels brand new to me. It's going to be so nice to have a little extra spending money each month. I'm planning to save a little too- working toward paying cash for my next car or at least a bigger down payment.
     I kept my previous two cars each five years after paying them off. Here's hoping for that again!

Yesterday I read Punxatawney Phyllis by Susanna Leonard Hill. (My copy is signed by the author) With two days of snow after a week of almost 60 weather, it seems like the groundhog might have been a little off.
Today I read The Mitten by Jan Brett. The kiddos loved the sneeze that scattered the animals.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018


Snow flurries
Extra playtime
Active Aggressor training
Drove to pick-up Colton
Cinnamon toast and jammies

Tuesday, March 6, 2018


Yesterday I planned to fix homemade spaghetti for dinner
Today I came home and microwaved frozen burritos instead.

Yesterday I heard Wednesday's training would be intense
Today I heard the instructors push on your classroom door
     while you're trying to lock it.

Yesterday I took my class outside for recess even though it was super cold.
Today it was a little warmer and we went outside again.

Yesterday I had a No Money Monday
Today I had a No Money Tuesday.

Yesterday I read The Letters are Lost
Today I read two nonfiction books about bats.

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Monday, March 5, 2018


     Found out more about Wednesday's school safety meeting from Middle School teachers who had the training Friday evening. It's long and it gets pretty intense. There will be three scenarios. They shoot (blanks, not "at us") there will be smoke but no one will touch us. It makes me anxious but not as anxious as I'd feel if I didn't take the opportunity to learn all I can. 
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Sunday, March 4, 2018


     It seems like anything I do the night before takes a fraction of the time it would in the morning. Laying out clothes, putting stuff in my purse, even getting my towel and washcloth ready just takes a second the night before
     Same goes for planning meals. I wrote down what we had for dinner every night during 2017 on a calendar. We pretty much have a two-week rotation of stuff we like. The more I shop and prep on the weekend, the easier it is when we're starving after school. Here's this week's plan:

I made Chex Mix to snack on this evening. I'll pack it for lunches tomorrow with an icy cold Diet Coke.

Monday: chicken/stuffing casserole, lima beans. I baked and cut-up the chicken this afternoon. 

Tuesday: homemade spaghetti sauce, garlic bread. I use 2 pounds of ground chuck, which provides planned overs for the freezer.

Wednesday: Three-hour after-school PD on school safety. Colton spends the evening with his dad, I'll have something from the freezer or run through McDonald's on the way home.

Thursday: I usually make something, but this week Colton will have a Little Caesar's "hot and ready" (also his lunch on Friday) and I'll have something from the freezer 

Friday: Colton is going to Lexington with his dad for Comic-Con so Bill and I will probably have dinner out somewhere. Wednesday is usually our date night.

So, I'm only cooking two nights, 
but some weeks are crazy like that.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

make, maybe :)

One Monthly Goal

     February's goal is still a work-in-progress which would seriously just take a few evenings to finish. But, here we are...
     I'm setting a slightly less lofty goal for March.  I shop on the 25th of each month (like Christmas!) for my Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes. So far, I've bought a hat and gloves, sunglasses, hairbrush and comb. I'm trying to color-coordinate but not sure how long that will last.
      This month, the suggested purchase is Quality Crafts. I've decided to make a tote bag for each shoebox using this Summer Madras tote pattern. I made it several years ago using a plastic picnic table cover.  
It's lined, has two big pockets and would roll up nicely to fit in the shoebox.
Let's see if I can make this happen :)

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Friday, March 2, 2018


Happy Friday!
Why is it such a Happy Friday?

Bus Duty is over! 
It adds a half-hour in the morning 
and ten minutes after dismissal
for a week
two times a year.

We had outdoor recess
even though it was pretty dang cold.

We read Ten Apples Up on Top
to celebrate Dr Seuss' Birthday.
Here's how our voting went down:
I Want My Hat Back was the favorite this week.

While this Spelling test may not look impressive to some
it shows amazing progress and growth:
and I'm quite proud!
He remembered the o needed the w
and added it liberally :)
He can't isolate the second consonant in blends
but he only knew five consonants in August.
No alarm tomorrow!

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Thursday, March 1, 2018


     Once again, I'm attempting to post something interesting each day this month during the Slice of Life Challenge. I've started out all gung-ho the past several years but haven't stuck with it the entire 31 days as of yet. This could be my year!
     Here are some topics that I may cover this month:
1. A little guy in my class that needs more individual attention in Reading. I started practicing his Spelling words with him at school (no practice at home unless he's visiting Grandma) and we'll see if it's helping tomorrow. Last Friday, I gave him his test individually stretching out each word, then let him try the test with the class.
Quite a difference-notice how he chose to just scribble random stuff?
      An interesting experiment in can't versus won't. Stay tuned!
2. My class is participating in Classroom Book a Day. We read a picture book each day and vote for our favorite on Friday. Some stiff competition. Today we read And Here's to You by David Elliott, an encouraging, uplifting rhyming book.
3. My sewing
 I'll also check back on previous year's slices:
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Happy Thursday!