Saturday, February 26, 2011


Beauty for Ashes, continued (Hill, GL, 1935)

Gloria and her dad caught trout from a brook, then had them for lunch with homemade bread and butter.
Gloria was lonely after her dad left for home. The first day, they ate johnnycake, hash and applesauce for lunch. A few days later, she met Murray, and while they were playing tennis, his mom brought out some cookies. That evening, she learned what potpie was.
When Gloria's sister Vanna came for a visit, Emily fixed fried chicken, new potatoes and peas, with hot biscuits and honey. Another evening, they watched the sunset while having dinner on the side porch. They had baked beans, ham, fried potatoes, biscuits, baked apples with cream and sponge cake for dessert.
The day the girls helped plant corn, they enjoyed a lunch of bacon sandwiches and strawberries.

You'll have to read for yourselves to see if their mother came around in time for the weddings. The girls made refreshments themselves- homemade ice cream, rolled chicken sandwiches and little frosted cakes.

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