Friday, March 11, 2011


I only knew two methods for binding a quilt- sew right sides together (top and backing), stitch around edge, turn and quilt OR
1. leave about 3/4 inch of backing fabric around the edge
2. fold and iron 1/4 inch hem
3. fold over the front and stitch down
These were okay, but were 1. wonky and 2. took FOREVER.

But now, I present to you...
My first-ever binding done completely on machine!
How straight and fast! I often wondered how sweet little bloggy quilty people finished so many quilts while I patiently stood at my kitchen bar/counter handstitching away. Don't get me wrong- I love how hand-quilting looks, but finishing up and starting something new? Priceless!

Cherry House has a great binding tutorial with this quilt-along, as does Shelly (with our cute Hazel Ilene quilt) of Prairie Moon Quilts. I read and followed them, but made several beginner mistakes. I've shown some friends and they said to stop pointing them out, but I can't help myself.

What I learned this time around:
First, when sewing a super-long strip, make sure the seams all face the same direction. I had one seam going the wrong way. No problem! No one will notice ONE seam.
Next, I proceeded to sew the strip on backwards. Meaning, I have ONLY one seam going the right way, and four plainly showing.
Then, I didn't leave enough fabric "tail" at my joining place or turn one side of the strip face up.
Finally, since this little project is just for me, not in a contest, I will laugh it off and do better next time.

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Deanna said...

Ah, experience, a painful but most effective way to learn.