Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Tomorrow About This Time (Hill, GL, 1923)

A recurring theme in Mrs. Hill's books is that a loving, Christian family or the lack thereof influences how you turn out.   
Pat Greeves returns home to find that both of his daughters are coming to stay with him, and they're as different as night and day.  Silver and Athalie were raised in opposite situations, one with supportive grandparents, the other with a selfish mom.  As the girls learn to live together, Pat learns to be a father.
The first dinner in his childhood home was stewed chicken with little biscuits, currant jelly, prune jam, cherry delight, mashed potatoes, creamed onions, cherry pie and coffee.
When he meets the minister and Blink, they stop by for ham sandwiches, cookies with nuts and raisins.

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Deanna said...

Her meal descriptions are charming, except they make me hungry!