Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Lunches packed? Check
Outfits laid out? Check
Today was the first day of school!  Yes, August 3.  A little early, you think?

We started with a Daily 5 lesson about how to choose an appropriate book.  We discussed the purpose for reading, something entertaining or to inform?  Soon, we'll talk about what the author's purpose was in writing a story.  What was he/ she trying to say?    
Now, I have a back to school assignment for you:
This is my little top from the Synchronized Squares quilt-along.  What was my purpose in adding one crazy bright block among all the pretty black blocks?  What did I mean?
A little hint:  Here's a close-up of the bright block.  Notice that there are four squares within the surrounding black blocks with a little color.  Hmm...
  I love hearing different opinions on the same topic.  Everyone brings their own perspective and life experience.  My mom thinks the colorful block represents the sun.
  What do you think? 


Connie said...

It adds so much to the little quilt and it is the first place your eyes focus on. It is the "happy" spot in your quilt.

Angela said...

I love your little injection of colour and I like your Mum's idea that the colour represents the sun.

scraphappy said...

Love the happy color in the middle of a black and white quilt.

Quilter Kathy said...

Very fun quilt along! I love your version!

Brenda Kay said...

I love that the colorful block just pops out at you. To me it is a reminder that no matter how different we all are we can still fit in anywhere.

Ladybird Ln said...

What a cute idea, I love a good intrigue! To me it means dare to be different, we don't all need to be the same block... but what did you mean it to mean?


trs125 said...

I think that "brightness" spills over and lights up the darkness!!! Or "one good thing makes everything else seem a bit better"... something along those line!! Now tell us.... what did YOU intend it to mean?! Can't wait to hear!!