Friday, August 12, 2011


What a happy, busy week.  My first-graders are sweet and middle school is going well for my little boy.  Last night's comment was, "I don't hate it very much," which is a positive.  I'm trying to sew or craft- do something creative each evening, but my kitchen has to be cleaned up first.

Here's my little classroom flag.  I love prairie points!  The pattern is Blossom Block by Rebecca Logiudice in Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks, Summer 2011.  I couldn't quit working on it- it was so pretty coming together.  A whole quilt with these different colored flowers would be beautiful. 
 These are two more blocks from Carrie's quiltalong.  Very Halloweeny. 
   These are my recycled planters.  We visited Ben & Jerry's Factory in Vermont two summers ago and love trying all their flavors.  This idea was in a catalog- kind of expensive.  I had all the supplies already! 
I'm linking this up at Ladybird Lane's show-off party.  There are so many great ideas every weekend.
Fiesta Friday!
This tea-party uses my lilac dishes.  Lilac was only produced for a couple years and I was blessed to receive the place setting as a wedding gift, never dreaming I'd get the teapot, too.
PS- My crepe myrtle is blooming.

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Cassandra said...

What a beautiful tea pot!