Wednesday, September 28, 2011

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Astra (Hill, GL, 1941)

Astra planned to live frugally on milk and crackers until Mr. Sargent returned.
A theme in this novel, like so many of Mrs. Hill's stories, is taking care of other people.  Astra fixed tea and toast with soup for an older couple.  Later in the story, she enjoyed vegetable soup, boiled potatoes, beef, apple pie and cheese.  Charles ordered Christmas dinner from a restaurant.  The children wanted turkey, stuffings, cranberry sauce, smashed potato, green peas- no spinach or carrots- and mince pie with ice cream.  There are many little Christmas-y details that I'm saving for some special December posts.  Stay tuned!

There's a sweet prayer in this story, too.  Astra prays for Cameron...
that he may truly take Christ as his Savior;
that he might be guided in his life;
that he might be kept safe from harm.
She also prayed for herself...
that she might not let her thoughts wander where they had no business to be;
that her life might be a true witness to all with whom she came in contact;
that she might be kept safe from harm and danger;
and led in God's way.

Is there someone you could pray the same for, though it's been seventy years since they were written?

The next border on the Stay-at-home Robin needed triangles. 
I continued the same pattern described in my last post,
except I made it much more crooked-ly.
  As always, please don't look too close.
Still loving the fall colors.

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