Monday, October 24, 2011

make, share, give

My class is decorating a Christmas tree again this year for Paramount's Festival of Trees.  In order to buy the tree and ornaments back we have to raise $100.  Each child is doing extra chores at home to donate their part, but we also do a few small fundraisers.  I made little Smores kits this evening:
They are not my original idea.  I think I saw them on someone's Linky party,
 but couldn't find them online again.  But it's such a cute idea!

Miranda (Hill, GL, 1915)

Miranda made rusk (sweet bread baked twice so it's hard and crisp), chicken with gravy, applesauce and a custard pie the evening David brought Mr. Whitman home.  She baked pumpkin pie and fried doughnuts the afternoon Allan surprised her, and they enjoyed cold biscuits and ham, apple pie, doughnuts and milk for lunch.  Miranda fixed her own wedding breakfast later in the story.

And now for my giveaway!  There were five sweet comments, but one that didn't need a copy of this particular story, so I took Uno cards 1-4...
and my little boy (who is all the sudden taller than me) picked a card...
He didn't peek, I promise. 
The third comment was Deanna!  I'll email you right now!

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Deanna said...

Thank you to you (and your tall boy. I have one of those, too).