Thursday, October 13, 2011

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Miranda (Hill, GL, 1915)  Part 1

  Another favorite story of mine, with a wonderfully sweet main character.  Miranda is a housekeeper for a progressive family.  She is very protective of those she loves, starting with little Nathan.  She brings him a plate of bread and jelly, chicken and cookies.  Previously, she had helped his brother Allan escape.  She packed bread, turnovers and cookies for his trip.
  During Nathan's first dinner as an invited guest, Miranda served johnnycake, tea-cakes with preserves and jam, biscuits, ham, fried potatoes and cake.  Before a trip to New York, she fixed fried mush, sausage, potatoes, doughnuts, coffee and applesauce.  While studying in the evening, Miranda made sure to have cookies and gingerbread available.
  Miranda has a little bit of everything- history (of train travel, the telegraph, politics) lighthearted pranks, family worship, missionaries and even a quilt!  But don't just take my word for it...

Leave a comment describing your favorite snack to pack for a road trip. 
On Sunday, October 23 I'll choose a winner to receive a copy of Miranda.
  My copy has a tag from Murphy Mart for $1.97.  Murphy's had the best crafts and stationery/ paper aisle- even restaurant pads to play waitress with.  Mom bought us lunch at the little restaurant in the back.  What a happy memory!


The Prairie Homemaker said...

I love to snack on fresh fruit. Especially grapes when on the road. If I need more substance I like cheese and crackers and apple slices.
I also love GLH!
Now off to peruse your blog since I have not seen it before!

Vicky R. Benson said...

I love this description of the food in "Miranda," the third book in a historical trilogy by Grace Livingston Hill. I am right now reading this book to my husband whenever we're in the car. I took my copy with me on our trip to Colorado Springs last month, and unfortunately left it in the airport! No one turned it in, so now this is the only GLH book I don't have in my collection. (We're now reading our church library copy.) It would be so nice to have this one. I LOVE the cover. It is SO exactly right, even to the apron worn by Miranda! When we go on road trips, we always take along a Grace Livingston Hill book to read aloud. As for food: I like to take along grapes (or fresh cherries or other fruit in season), squares of cheese and crackers, chocolate-chip cookies. I like tomato sandwiches or cheese sandwiches with lettuce and raisins. My husband especially likes peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches and trail mix. We take our water bottles along. We've been known to get lost while singing "great hymns of the faith." We will celebrate our 44th wedding anniversary on October 28, and we're taking a trip that week-end, ending up at a bed-and-breakfast on Lake Michigan. (I like to pretend it's the ocean.)

tatlyn said...

What a neat blog! I enjoyed looking over it. Your passion for GLH and quilting really shines. I have a copy of Miranda, so don't worry about entering me in your giveaway.

Deanna said...

Oh, you know I have enjoyed these books since you gave me the chance to read the first one. My local library doesn't have this one. Thanks for the chance.

Felicia said...

Wow - a generous giveaway - I always loved Grace's descriptions of food!

We don't travel much at all, but probably my favorite travel snack was when we were on one of our train trip to Pittsburgh to visit cousins and we had plain old sandwiches and coffee. It was just the fun of the trip!

Felicia in PA