Wednesday, December 28, 2011


People are Nice

After a frustrating start
 (5:50 am plane delay, can't check bags, throw away my hairspray, switch planes, Pilot announcing, "This plane is okay,"
our trip couldn't have been better.

The delay made us "miss" our next flight after a 25-minute rush through the airport, the plane was sitting right there, but we couldn't get on.  Three military wives on their way to see husbands off to Afghanistan weren't allowed on either.  Couldn't really complain since we were heading to Disneyworld.
A very nice man found us three tickets to Orlando, with my dad coming three hours later but on standby for our flight.  Not perfect, but okay.  Waited in the airport 3 hours. 
Very hard leaving Dad in DC while we flew off...

Fast forward to my second reason that People are Nice.  My Dad is the most giving person EVER.  I'm teary-eyed thinking about it.  There was also a soldier on standby waiting to get home.  When the lady offered dad his standby seat, he said to let the soldier go instead.  She already had a ticket for him too, so they both got to go on our flight anyway.  Dad got the front legroom seat which I think he totally deserved.  From our seats three rows from the back, we didn't know he was even on the flight. 

The Very Merry party was superfun.  Loved the toy soldiers in the parade.

Our second stop was Legoland!  They've done such a great job blending old Cypress Gardens stuff with new Lego stuff. 
The top of a 30-foot Lego Christmas tree.
Kids could build ornaments for a smaller version.  (They take it apart each evening.) 
Apple fries.  I thought everybody got a cupcake but it was whipped cream for dipping.  Pretty good, but a little too tart for me.
More vacation news and reasons that people are nice coming soon.

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Cassandra said...

I'm so glad you had a good trip. :) It sounds like everything worked out really well!

Those apple fries look really good...