Sunday, January 15, 2012


Have you discovered Mom's Toolbox yet?  My sweet bloggy friend Cassandra introduced me to this wonderful blog over a year ago.

Amy was encouraging people to read the entire Bible in 90 days using this plan.  I began like gangbusters January 3, 2011 waking early in the morning, reading 15 chapters at a time.  After a few days, I started leaving my Bible open on my desk, reading when I walked by.  This was easy on snow days, but school days were a different story. 
Fast forward- I've passed the one-year mark, (Read the Bible in 367+ days?) still reading in John now, checking off passages at my own pace. 
Amy recently started a challenge to read Acts in 28 days.  Several friends at work and I are doing this together.  We talk about a verse that stood out to us from that day's chapter.  We did the same thing with Proverbs in March a couple years ago.

Another challenge she's given is Intentional Kindness (oh, if only I knew how to "grab buttons"- it's the same link at the top)  Each Sunday, there are 5 kindness assignments to choose from.  I completed two this week:
1.  I made a little envelope with 75 cents inside.  It says, "Have a drink on me."  Friday was a snow day and we're off Monday (love long weekends) so on Tuesday, I'll sneakily tape it to the Coke machine in the teacher's lounge.
2.  I do this one anyway.  Tuesday- Thursday, I park in the bottom parking lot.  If someone's coming up the hill, I'll hold the door even if they yell, "I've got my key."

This week's Kindness assignment and so much more at Mom's Toolbox.  You should go check it out!


Amy@ MomsToolbox said...

Thanks for joining me on so many of my missions! :)

Cassandra said...

Even if it's taking longer than planned, I'm impressed that you've stuck with it! :) I think reading the Bible is such an awesome experience and well worth the commitment.

How cool that you're able to read Acts with people at work! When I was working, I was always too chicken to ask. :( Who knows what could have happened.