Friday, February 3, 2012


1.  I do not claim to eat healthy.
2.  I love to cook at home making enough for planned leftovers. 
Baked spaghetti for breakfast? yes please.
3.  We usually eat dinner at home 5 nights a week, the same general menu plan each week.
4.  Fridays, on the way home from school, we have fast food.
Sunday mornings after church, we have fast food.  Often, we're on the way to the grocery store, so I don't want my tummy full.  If I shop after a big lunch, we don't have any food by Wednesday.
Anyhoo, on Sunday I ordered a hamburger Happy Meal.  There was a huge sign proudly exclaiming, "Apples included in every Happy Meal."  How nice, I thought.  Making it healthy for the kids.
But, not only are they including apples, they're also shrinking the french fry serving. 
Take a look:
I kept the container because it's so cute.  On the right, you'll see today's fry order, on the left, Sunday's itsy-bitsy.  Wait, I don't think this picture emphasizes the size difference well enough.
The itsy-bitsy fry container beside a regular size Diet Coke.  Right at half-as-tall. 
Disclaimer:  I'm not complaining.  I'm pretty sure if I asked for a small fry instead of apples they'd upsize for me.  The whole idea just struck me as funny.  There was no problem worrying if my tummy would be "too full" for grocery shopping. 
and I love McDonalds.  

Fiesta Friday!
Valentine style.  Pretty red polka-dot napkin from Target. 
Best banana muffin ever made by me last night.

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