Sunday, April 29, 2012

share, make

Barbara guessed T- there are three!  Did the apostrophe help?

_ _ T   S _ _ _ _    _ _ S _ ' T   T _ _ _ _
That should help!  Keep guessing!

Got two more rows added on:
The top row includes cats and family
We added a tractor,  a skateboard and Pete the Cat.
Two more rows: nine more days of school. 
Can we do it?


scraphappy said...

So cute! You can do it.

Barbara said...

The apostophe followed by a "T" has me stumped. The quilt is looking great.

Barbara said...

Can I guess another letter? Is there an "H"?

vtquilter said...

What a cute quilt. Can I play? I'd like a "W" please.

vtquilter said...

Since there is a "W"... can I try an "N" next please?

Elly D said...

This is oh so cute! Love it :)

Is there an I in there some where?