Tuesday, June 26, 2012


This will be my third school year using Daily 5 and CAFE with my first-graders, so I was super-excited to find Lory's online book study.  I'd already started reading the books again during my tanning time :) Here's what stands out to me:

Chapter 1- pg 5, The quiet, calm hum to the room.  When kiddos are busily concentrating on reading and writing, it's the sweetest thing.  It's why I love teaching and makes me a little teary-eyed.
A couple of sweetie-pies during Read to Self

pg 10, Richard Allington suggests that children should spend a minimum of one and a half hours a day reading in school.  That's why we're there.  I take it very seriously that it's my job to teach children to read.  Children who are blessed with families that read with them at home have a bonus.  Parents shouldn't be expected to teach in the evening, just enrich lives with happiness, fun and love.  Oops, got on my soapbox... 

pg 13- Daily 5 relies on the teaching of independence.  Our routines, structure and community building are launched on day one so kiddos know what to expect.
  At first, it bothers kids (and some parents) that I expect children to use information they already know.  I only have to say, "I don't tell kids how to spell," a few times at the beginning of the year.  We practice stretching words out daily.  My favorite is when someone asks, "Can I get reading book 2?  It has a word I need."

Coming soon- my thoughts on chapter 2!

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Cassandra said...

1.5 hours a day reading in school! Wow! I don't think I was ever allowed to spend that much time reading, either textbooks or for fun books. I would have loved that.

"I don't tell kids how to spell." Interesting thought. Hmmm... I like the idea of teaching kids how to learn using information they already know. My husband believes that the purpose of education is not to teach "facts" but to teach "how to learn." At his job, very few of his coworkers know how to use Google or other resources to troubleshoot IT issues. It drives Jeff crazy that he has to explain to people how to find the answers that are available to them if they just know how and where to look. Ok, getting off my soapbox now... ;)