Friday, June 29, 2012


Daily 5 Chapter 2- Core Foundations

Trust and Choice go together.  I've noticed when children choose their activity, they can usually be trusted to stay on task longer.  The first year we used Daily 5 strategies, it was really hard to let go of control.  I finally learned it's just like letting my son "pick" what he's going to wear- he has two options, put together by me :) and chooses which outfit he wants- the choices in my classroom aren't infinite.  The kiddos are really just choosing what order the activities will be completed.
Love the motivating questions on page 20!    

Community- Our class has a family feel which we try to build on each day.  As in any group, you'll get along better with some than others, but we still must learn to be civil.  
We post two class rules which cover most issues that come up: 
1. Be kind.
2. Make each other's day better.
Sense of Urgency- Pointing to our math board, I'll often say, "We only have ___ days to get you ready for second grade." That usually gets them back on track, focused for a little bit.

Stamina- At the beginning of the year, I plan many, many activities to get through those first few days.  First-graders' attention spans are pretty short, but as the year goes on, they can stick with a project longer. 
Our longest Read to Self was 24 minutes this year.  So proud!

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Mrs. Saoud said...

Your reflections on choice makes complete sense! They have choice by the activity and the order they choose. I feel like slapping my head!

Thank you for leaving your link! =)