Thursday, April 25, 2013


You're invited to be a
of my classroom!
Wednesday afternoon-
Our playtime is scheduled after lunch.  On warm days, we play outside.  Two days a week, we play in the gym.  On rainy or cold days, we mix up the schedule a bit, completing our afternoon work before rainy day recess.
My Math lessons are based on Common Core standards using activities from Math in Focus (our new program) Saxon (our old beloved program) books I've had for years and the internet.  Children work with a partner using two dice to Roll, Count and Color (a freebie!)
My goal for this year is to remember to discuss the standard and give a purpose for each lesson.  After playing for about ten minutes, each group discussed what this game was supposed to teach, then listed their ideas on the back.  Some answers were spot on: addition, numbers to 12; some not so much: math.
Our writing routine is described here,
except now we write five sentences each day.
So proud of this little guy!
So many great ideas AND finger spacing!
We burn off some energy with an exercise DVD- Fit Kids 
Finally, what everybody waits for...
Rainy day recess!
  These special centers are only used during playtime.
Four computers are also available.

After that, we go to Art class, then home.
When you have a chance, go check out some other classrooms!

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Kate said...

Looks like a great way to learn and play.