Friday, June 14, 2013

make, share

It's A Small World
Not just a shameless mention of my Disney trip (leaving today!)
but the lead-in to a really cute, happy story.
On Wednesday, while visiting Sunny's blog, I noticed a badge on her sidebar-
Adding my little twist, inspired by a favorite free pattern- the boho-chic scarf,
I got right to work piecing this:
The rectangles are 5"x10" this time, with 2 1/2" strips and a block made from leftover half-square triangles.  Can you tell my stash is heavy on pink?  After sewing it right sides together and a little topstitching, it looks like this:
The crocheted flower is from Michaels.
Now, for the best part...  I was amazed (putting it mildly) to find out the mailing address for this project is right in my little town!  Ready for more?  It's my lawyer's office!  His wife and sister are Mary and Jennifer, my teacher/principal friends I worked with/for before they were blessed to retire.

I dropped it off yesterday, and by evening had received the sweetest email from Vicki herself!  Her scarf project continues through October if you'd like to participate.

Anyway, none of this would have happened if Sunny hadn't commented on my picnic tote project this week.  The moral of the story is...visit crafty blogs and always email to thank new friends who comment on your blog.  You never know what could happen! 


sunny said...

What a great story! And I love your scarf. We're leaving for vacation tomorrow, and I wanted a small project to work on, so I bought more pink yarn for scarves. And I still LOVE your picnic tote!!

Kate said...

Fun story. You never know who you will meet while in blogland. Love the scarf, very pretty.