Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Slice of Life- Math Journal version
Today my kids looked through their Math journals to find a page on which they had done their best.  I was so proud of their choices!
These two are from August.  Often, I'll make up real-life problems to solve using their names or characters from our stories.  We started off using ten-frames, then moved on to double ten-frames.
We also use number lines to represent our thinking.  Top left shows a non-standard measurement activity, and top right uses addition and subtraction facts together.  A real toughie!
We sure fit a lot on each page!  Ten more/ten less, missing addend, half and fourth and telling time to the half-hour.  I make sure we cover each standard at least once a month, but addition or subtraction daily.
We practiced counting tens and ones every Thursday early in the year.  Every couple of weeks, we take our journals home to show off for our parents.
One of my favorite times of day!

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Kate said...

What a great way to make math fun!