Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Way back when, two year ago, I started a series called Summertime Alphabet.  I tried to fill the summer with fun from A-Z.  We couldn't think of many J activities, so I used a little cop-out, but K? Seemed impossible.  Checked several dictionaries.  Very few fun things starting with K. Until now...

Let's get caught up- a little walk down Memory Lane
Finally!  It's not officially summer yet- eight more days of school but...
We've had a family of Killdeers in our yard for several years.  They had four babies earlier this Spring.  Cute little bobbly heads that run so fast.  After school Monday, we noticed Mommy wouldn't leave our gravel pile no matter how close we got.  She spread her wings to make herself look real big and fussed at us.  A little while later, I saw why!
Right in the center, so much like a speckled piece of gravel!  An egg!
She and Daddy are so protective.  She sits super-still
and he tries to distract us by acting all hurt and pitiful.
We'll keep you posted!
So there you have it, two summers in the making.  L, M and N should be easier, right?

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Kate said...

Watching the bird babies is a favorite past time here too.