Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Listening- to the birds outside
Loving- being home! Not planning anything big the whole month!
Thinking- about making a Photo-a-Day book with my class this year.
Wanting- not a thing! Blessed beyond belief.
Needing- to finish unpacking and laundry. One suitcase down, one to go.
4th plans- evening at my parent's house.
1. Red and White


Carol Davis said...

I love that you want absolutely nothing! What a great attitude about life! Thanks for sharing! I looked back through some of your earlier posts and wish I could quilt! Your work is amazing!

Teachers Are Terrific!

Miss Trayers said...

What's a photo a day book? That sounds interesting. I love just sitting and listening to the birds!

Not Just Child's Play

Mary Bauer said...

I love the idea of making a photo a day book with your class. I might have to steal that.

Happy July.
Artistry of Education

Kate said...

As fun as going is, it's just as fun to not have to go. Hope you get to enjoy your slow paced July.

Kidpeople Classroom said...

Hey ya, I like your photo a day book idea but... I was looking for your August Currently, but linked to July instead. See you around. Kathleen
Kidpeople Classroom