Sunday, November 2, 2014


Listening to the heat pump whirr. Thirty degrees outside this morning.
Loving an extra hour to putter around. Thank you Daylight Savings time!
Thinking of my next writing idea. Are you participating in PiBoIdMo this month? 
Wanting a nice Fall walk later this afternoon.
Needing to continue decluttering. Life is so much nicer with an organized space.
Reading teacher blogs, crafty blogs
November gratitude
Day 2- I'm thankful for my parents every minute. Today's special reasons are Mom for letting my watch her sew and then letting me learn on her machine. Dad for always being silly and lighten things up.


Kristin said...

Love how you're including things to be thankful for! Aren't parents the best!
Fifth Grade Ramblings

Candice Krogh said...

Blogs are the best reading around some days.

Kimberly said...

So true!!! Life is so much better with an organized space. Enjoy your walk!
Funky First Grade Fun