Friday, March 20, 2015


     Each school year starts with children watercolor painting a chameleon after reading A Color of His Own. Inch by Inch is in a year-long math center with snap together inchworms and addition fact cards. But I never expected the reactions from this week's Leo Lionni author study. It was a hit!
    They knew of Swimmy from Kindergarten and enjoyed Frederick saving up colorful memories for winter. Let's Make Rabbits got a few laughs.
    This week's all-time favorite? So much so we read it again Wednesday? So much so that I overhead, "I love this!" as I was reading aloud. So much so that a little friend asked for "my book" back for her Read-to-Self folder?
 Fish is Fish.
Minnow and Tadpole start out together in the pond.
Frog grows legs and climbs out of the pond.
Frog hops here and there, sees extraordinary things,
and comes back to the pond.
Frog tells Fish about birds, cows and people.
From Fish's point of view, he imagines this:
 which absolutely cracks my kiddos up.
Fish decides he must see these amazing things, but...
I won't give away the happy ending :)

I see library/ bookstore visits in my future this weekend.


elsie said...

Isn't it fun to discover a book they absolutely love? That is a fun picture!

Manju Howard said...

Thanks for sharing this story. Fish's perspective is great fun!

Anonymous said...

Love the books you mentioned. Great memories with my own kids

Patricia T. said...

What a fun and unique story. The illustrations made me smile. I can see why your kids love this book.

Rachel said...

Very cute!

Stacy S. Jensen said...

I found several of his books at the library today. Grabbed them, so I could enjoy the art.