Tuesday, March 24, 2015


     I'm reading Hope Against Hope by Sarah Carr, about charter schools that opened in New Orleans after Katrina. One thing that stood out to me are the rules some of these schools have to enforce. For example, saying thank you when someone gives you something. Sounds automatic, but there are many children that haven't been taught basic manners or kindness.
     My class and I discussed how we thank each other all day long (we're a grateful group :) and made a goal to thank our cafeteria server and look her in the eye at lunch today on purpose. I reminded them as we walked down the hall. It was corn dog day so appreciation came easily.
    "Thank you for making us this food!!" resounded first with a beaming smile back at me, making sure I heard. Many more thank yous followed. One friend even whispered a reminder- Look her in the eye. A small slice of life that made me happy and proud.


BethMooreTCRWP said...

I've got to read this book! Thanks for sharing!

marcaureled said...

This is such a great reminder... I am going to listen more closely tomorrow and see how many please and thank yous I hear

emmietx said...

This is such a great is example of a simple way we can build community at school and character in our students. We don't have to take away instructional time or let it overwhelm us (which it sadly sometimes does.) Thank you!

Stacey said...

I love how you're working with your kids to make them intentional about thanking people... and not just saying it under their breath. Saying it with their eyes is just as important. Thanks for doing such important work!