Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Slice of Life
I'm still not discouraged!

An update on my reading project (hoping to help my lowest readers catch up to grade level):

     Two students tried to rip the page explaining the extra reading practice from their planner. Undaunted, I stapled it back in securely and wrote this evening's assignment- Please, read it again :)

     Another student said that her mother slept too late to put her planner in her backpack. I used my old standby, "It's not mommy's responsibility to put your planner in your backpack."

     Another student actually read the passage with her mother. Her mom said to tell me, "Ms. Leach has done a really good job." This of course, makes it all worthwhile :)
As does this sunset from last evening. Quite worthwhile.

We'll see what tomorrow morning brings!


Anonymous said...

I've often wondered where students learn the blame game. I know that I played it too. Glad you are undaunted and were able to fix the poor torn out pages. 😊

Jackie said...

Glad you are not discouraged. Some days can be discouraging and it is always nice when a student pulls through....plus that sunset picture is stunning. Jackie http://familytrove.blogspot.com/

Judy said...

Such a challenge you have, but using it as an opportunity to continue helping your students learn. Glad you are discouraged and are looking forward to another day!

Kate said...

It has to be frustrating to not get the cooperation of the parents. Of course mine was really good at hiding her lesson plans from us. Hang in there.