Monday, March 9, 2015


A favorite format I learned during my first year of slicing-

Enjoyed pork barbecue sandwiches for dinner. Thank goodness for freezer cooking.
Before that, transferred some of my tax return into savings. I have more than a paycheck in my account!
Before that, read with five of my lowest readers during Writer's Workshop.
Before that, conferenced with our Assistant Principal about last Wednesday's observation.
Before that, Math common assessment
Before that, OUTDOOR PLAYTIME!! It does a body good :)
Before that, found my lost girl scout cookies in the trunk of my car. Mmm...Samoas.
Before that, Reading common assessment
Before that, Selection test on The Dot/ Selection test with my little Reading project friend- She scored 8/10! She still wants to guess any old word from the first letter :( She left early so this was her only time with me today. Feels a little like two steps forward, one step back.
Before that, caught up with friends after four-day weekend.
Before that, packed lunches, ate breakfast
Before that, the alarm went off WAY too early. Snoozed until 6:25.

Sounds like a lot of testing? Yes, yes it does.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I love this format! thanks for sharing your busy, busy day -- and this tool!

Katy Collins said...

I think this format is brilliant! Bless your heart--testing overload! Loved this slice and look into your day.

Samantha said...

I love this format! I think I will put this idea in my back pocket for those days I find coming up with something to write difficult. I wish I had read this BEFORE I wrote tonight's post. :-)

Kate said...

Sounds like a busy day, any way you slice it!

Carol said...

I love this format. I want to try it (someday when it doesn't look like I gave PARCC and before that I gave PARCC and before that I gave PARCC some more).

Margaret Simon said...

I concur with Carol. Today is our last day of testing until the next round in April. I plan to enjoy next week with my students again!

Natasha Domina said...

I really love how this format pushes one into choosing what details are most important....or maybe it could be a way of helping students (or me) think over the day, to reflect on what was most important. I'm thinking as I write this that this might be a nice strategy to teach students who are struggling to think of ideas to write about. There are so many interesting details tucked into the lines about the day. Every time I reread your post I notice something else I love.

Cassandra said...

A surprise find of a box of Samoas? Lucky!!! ;)