Monday, May 11, 2015


     This is our last five-day school week. In order to prevent my beginning-of-the-year panic next Fall- What do we do all day?- Here's a quick Week in the Life series.
     We start with Yellow Book Phonics orally, whole group. A wonderful program that includes a daily alphabet activity, rhyming, isolating beginning/ middle/ and ending sounds, putting phonemes together and breaking words into phonemes.
     The children practice read our weekly story at their seats, then we read it together at the carpet- one child is the expert reader for each page, then we read the page chorally.
     Afterward, I'll choose a partner for each child to partner read an earlier story. 
     We write our Spelling words in abc order in our planners.
     Sequencing cut-n-paste. Love this book!
     Movement activity-
     RtI Center time- Lots of small group and individual work. We have three classroom desktop computers, five Nooks and five Chromebooks. Some favorite websites:,  
     Read-to-Self with This book is about...response, including the who and what happened  
     Lunch/ Recess
     Math calendar
     Math Journal or Go Math activity
     Block- Guidance/ Computer Lab
     Writer's Workshop
I love routine, and it seems like the kiddos like knowing what's next too. 

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Kate said...

That's a pretty busy day!