Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Backstory #1: After ten years of not dating anybody, raising my son and working, I started dating the most wonderful man 10 months ago yesterday.
Backstory #2: Some lights have burned out on our local Chinese restaurant's sign. Instead of China House, it reads China Ho. This tickles us, but not as much as...

As we entered China Ho's parking lot, I noticed there were absolutely no cars going through the drive-thru of the neighboring McDonald's. No cars parked on that side at all! We've had crazy weather lately so I wondered if their power was out. Not the case- lights were on. Just nobody on the right side of McDonald's.
I mentioned how eerie it looked. Kinda bothered me.
I asked, "Have you ever seen that? Nobody at McDonald's?"
He answered, "Yes, I have."

Fifteen minutes later, as we ate dinner, his answer struck me as funny. It seemed unbelievable to me. I started laughing, trying to keep quiet, which made it worse. It was like getting tickled in church trying not to draw attention, but you just can't stop. My friends Jody, Jolene and I would laugh uncontrollably about the dumbest stuff in Middle School. It was like that with tears.

I was able to pull myself together. As we walked to car, he explained that since he drives to work early in the morning that he had indeed seen McDonald's with no cars many a time. This time I believed him, but I'm laughing AGAIN as I write this.

When was your last uncontrollable laugh? 


Marilyn Yung said...

This is hilarious, but I don't know why. It's so funny the things that make us laugh... even when they're not funny to anyone else. Doesn't matter... I love that you crack up too now and then, but can't identify why. Btw, I've never seen an empty McD's lot either.

make.share.give said...

Thank you! OMGoodness I'm still giggling over something so silly...

Cathy said...

It is always so hard to stop laughing when you feel you shouldn't laugh. The harder you try to control the laughter, the more it comes. You are right it happens in church --- and I remember it happening in school often.

Thanks for making me smile,

Anonymous said...

Hilarious!! I just laughed uncontrollably with my husband over the weekend - and the funniest part was that he couldn't even get words out to tell me why he was laughing! I had no idea, but I loved laughing at HIS laughing. He had to excuse himself and go inside - and when I asked him a few hours later why he was so "tickled," are you ready for this?? He couldn't even remember what it was that triggered such mirth! He stated laughing again and so did I - but we never did figure out why he was so out of control earlier!

Thanks for making me laugh today!