Saturday, October 29, 2016

Happy Halloweensie!

Here's my entry for Susanna Hill's Sixth Annual Halloweensie Writing Contest...

A Busy Week

Sweetsie Spider and Grateful Ghost gazed out the attic window at the moon.

"Remember when Trick-or-Treaters visited us on Halloween night?" asked Sweetsie.

"Nobody comes to our neighborhood anymore," replied Grateful, "We could fix that. Here's my idea!"

On Monday, they raked leaves.

Tuesday, they washed windows.

Wednesday, they swept the porch.

Thursday, they made cinnamon donuts.

Friday, they carved pumpkins.

Saturday, they made treat bags.

Sunday, they heated apple cider.

On Halloween night, some sweet first-graders noticed Sweetsie's brightly lit home. "We've never stopped here before," said Colton. The friends filled their buckets with fun treats.

Sweetsie and Grateful smiled, thankful for another Happy Halloween.

The Pumpkin House 2016
Kenova, West Virginia


Kizzi Roberts said...

Cinnamon donuts sound delicious! Thanks for sharing your fun story!

Vivian Kirkfield said...

Oh yes...cinnamon donuts would definitely get me to ring their bell. Fun story...and I love how they worked together to get ready for their company. ;)

Kate said...

A very fun story. Have a happy Halloween.

Jean James said...

Great story for learning the days of the week all while thinking of yummy treats!

Linda Schueler said...

I love how you structured it around the days of the week and how you incorporated thankfulness.

Gregory E Bray said...

Great story and with a beautiful house picture included. Good luck and Happy Halloween!

Gabi said...

You had me at cinnamon donuts! Fun story -- Happy Halloween!

Diane Tulloch said...

A fun story incorporated around the days of the week and thankfulness. Loved the house picture too. Sooooooo many pumpkins! Wow!

Marla said...

Fantastic! I like how you made the days of the week work for the story.

Susanna Leonard Hill said...

What a sweet story, Suzanne! All yours? Or did you get a little help from those first-graders? :) Love how Sweetsie and Grateful applied themselves to fixing and tidying and making their house inviting, how you worked in the days of the week and the chores, and how their hard work paid off in trick-or-treat visitors! Nicely done! Thanks so much for joining in the Halloweensie fun again! (Oh, and cinnamon donuts? I'll be right over... :) )

michelle kogan said...

Lovely how Sweetsie Spider and Grateful Ghost were able to entice the trick-or-treaters to return to their house for Halloween!