Tuesday, January 3, 2017


     How can a little boy that needed my constant (and I mean EVERY other minute) attention earlier this Fall, turn into one of my favorite little people? Not quite sure...

     At Open House, his mother carried him into the room. A first-grader. 
     Three weeks into school, I found out he hadn't even turned six yet. A first-grader.

     I could go on and on and on about the numerous ways he misbehaves every day, every few minutes, but I soon realized he just didn't know. Seriously, hadn't been taught simple little things.
     He would enter the room in the morning and throw his backpack on the carpet. I told him not to- he doesn't anymore. He told me during playtime he had peed in the bushes. I told him we can't do that and he hasn't again (that I know of)
     He is super curious and interested in everything. He comments on everything. He smiles at me (sincerely) even though two minutes before I've raised my voice to him. I have raised my voice at him A LOT.

     Today, he saved his straw from lunch and played with it most of the afternoon. When did I turn into a teacher that allows that?? I even thought to myself, "He's not hurting anything." He made it into a snorkel and plans to take it to the pool this summer. He also stuck it in his ear. 
     At some point (maybe during October?) I totally started understanding that he's not doing stuff on purpose to annoy me but he's just a little guy doing little guy things. And he cracks me up. 
     Never thought it would happen and tomorrow may be completely frustrating, but today he told me I was his best teacher he ever had. Since he's only been in Kindergarten, best out of two isn't so bad.


Carol said...

You've captured this guy so beautifully! He's so lucky to have someone who understands and loves him so well!

Kate said...

He sounds like a very cute handfull. But if he's learning then that's what matters.