Tuesday, January 24, 2017


Having fun listing my Storystorm ideas this month. Inspiration comes from everywhere!
My kiddos filled in their answers to our question of the day:
This was the first day they were allowed to take home a book from the school library.
 Quite a big deal :)
I love how several of them answered that their friends make them smile.
Today, I smiled when Connor told me his Superhero catchphrase
if he ever becomes a Superhero.
I also smiled when Colton thanked me for packing him a Hot Pocket 
because they served the dreaded tacos in the cafeteria.

Now it's your turn...
What made you smile today?


Anonymous said...

Love your kids responses. What made me smile today? After working around the house all day getting chinese take-out for dinner made me smile. Didn't have to cook.

Maria said...

What a super cute idea!!!! I LOVE it! I'm already thinking about how I can do that in my own classroom. Thanks for sharing! Today I'm thankful that my friend and I made it through our presentation about oral storytelling. :)

Alice Nine said...

Your post made me smile and remember a couple years ago, when each week we recorded one thing that had made us laugh that week. And you made me think of Wed #WeeklySmile with Trent. https://trentsworldblog.wordpress.com/the-weekly-smile-weeklysmile/ May your week be filled with smiles!

Kate said...

Sounds like you had a very nice second day of the week.

Stacey Shubitz said...

My daughter is in Kindergarten this year and the day she was allowed to bring home a book... WOW! It was a big deal!