Monday, July 10, 2017


Same vacation, different Points of View

This has been a WONDERFUL summer, cooler weather, 
fun little day trips, sewing, but...

School starts in 27 days. 

I started getting panicky that we hadn't gone anywhere and planned a quick trip to Disney.

My point of view: a little nervous, driving straight through tomorrow, feeling guilty about using my credit card. In my defense, I bought new tires, had the air conditioners in my car and house worked on, bought a new vacuum AND had the septic tank cleaned out. Paid all that in cash. So even though my CC balances are still WAY higher than I like, I want to go on a trip and get a little Florida sun before another year of school.

Colton's point of view: Excited! His favorite cousin will visit us. We'll also do Crayola Experience and one day at Universal. 

My guy BFF's point of view: Can't understand why we'd go when just last week I wouldn't use my CC to buy a new couch. Told us to have a good time.

My girl BFF's point of view: Completely understands because July is flying by! (also a teacher)

My dad's point of view: nervous about me driving but always wants us to have fun

My mom's point of view: same as dad, making treats for us to have in the car

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Kate said...

Summer vacation is only once a year. Since my only is headed to college next year, I totally get why a summer memories are so important. Have a wonderful trip!