Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Made a little challenge for myself:
No Money Mondays!

     My goal for this school year is to not spend money on Monday. In order to do this, I'll need to:

1. Plan meals- We have a loose plan each week, but we sometimes shake things up. Tuesday is usually baked ziti, but tonight? Surprise! Chicken potpie!
2. Grocery shop on the weekend- I've tried shopping evenings during the week but can't stick with it.
3. Pack my lunch- leftovers are my favorite, but taking a minute to put peanut butter crackers and granola bars in my purse helps too. 

     Teachers actually started back last Monday. Update: That PD I was nervous about? Didn't happen. My principal didn't forward an email he received on July 7 which would've eased my mind a month earlier, BUT finding out at 2:30 the day before was pretty sweet too. My friend and I had lunch at McDonald's so...my challenge started yesterday :) I made it! and it even carried over to today! A bonus no-spend Tuesday.

Have you tracked how much you spent today?


Fran Haley said...

First, congrats on 500 posts! I applaud your budget plans and the no-money Mondays. I adore baked ziti, too. :)

Lisa Corbett said...

Every February I do a "Frugal February" challenge. I've done it so long that I forget where I first learned about it. Essentially, I don't spend anything past the necessary bills, groceries and gas for the car. Typically that one month of not adding to the credit card means it gets paid off after the holiday shopping spree. I should try to follow your challenge and not spend on Mondays! I have to take my lunch to school every day, so this part is already easy, but the mid-week shopping trips can be a budget-buster! Especially since I usually do have things to cook at home and am just being lazy. :)

Noel Kaczmarczyk said...

500 posts! Wow! I am going to join you on your No Money Mondays and try to convince my husband to do the same. Thanks for sharing.