Monday, September 4, 2017


No Money Monday update

Today! A no-spend day. I planned meals, shopped for groceries on Saturday. Made breakfast and lunch and even prepped tomorrow's lunch. Colton's lunches are packed for the week except for "something to microwave."
Last Monday...McDonald's for dinner, bought a canned drink at school. Excuse? Weekend road trip, returned rental car, my car to shop. 
Before that Monday...Eclipse day! No school so we ate lunch out after swimming at a friend's pool, just had fun.
Didn't realize I'd taken a cool picture.
Wish I'd got a few more.

Friday and Saturday of this week were also no-spend.
Added a few extra rules: I can donate to a cause on no-spend days if I can replace the money from my giveaway envelope.
Try my best to not use credit cards. I've moved a few balances around to no-interest, but paying them off is still a loooong term goal.
How was your Monday?


glenda funk said...

Good luck w/ the "getting out of debt" goal. It's tough to make ends meet in this day and age. I took a personal finance class in college and have been grateful for what I learned in that class. It has served me well for nearly 40 years.

Anonymous said...

It may take time to pay them off, but every step counts. It feels good to get rid of even one of them.

Kate said...

Very cool photo!