Wednesday, March 6, 2019


     We're reading Wild Robot Escapes, the sequel to Wild Robot which I discovered during Global Read Aloud a few years ago. My kiddos and I are extremely attached to the characters. As a Before reading activity, I suggested they decide whether this story touches their heart or their funny bone. We sort our #bookaday read-alouds this way often, so I knew they could handle it.
     Here are my two favorite journal entries:
     The sentiment is there- they agreed about how sweet the story is, like the original and playing hide and seek. Both boys ALSO thought the story touched their heart, literally. If you haven't deciphered first-grade handwriting lately, it says "Gross," "Skwert," and "This is weird," while actually touching a heart. They crack me up. I love my job!
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Elana said...

I love both of those stories. I read them to my fifth graders a few years back. And I love your before reading activity.