Sunday, February 28, 2010


February spending record

Goals from January:
1. Eat out less- I kind of blew this one. We ate out 17 times this month, including 7 trips to McDonald's. Since we were snowed in, we used a snack as an excuse to get out of the house.
2. Take drinks from home- I only bought one drink from the machine at school.
3. 10 no-spend days- I had 9. Again, being snowed in helped.

Good things: I bought lunch at a fundraiser for our highschool baseball team and and 3 boxes of Girl Scout cookies- my spending helped others ;)
Three big grocery shopping trips, all under $78.

I haven't deposited the savings from my envelopes in case I need it for something else in the next few days. (not eating out) My plan this month for my mission money is Two Hearts Pregnancy Care Center. They help girls in our area with unplanned pregnancies make good decisions.

To work on in March:
1. Eat out less
2. Pack lunch/ drink/ snack for school so we're not starving in the afternoon
3. 10 no-spend days

We weren't in school on February 25, so I postponed our activity to keep Christmas in mind all year.

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