Saturday, February 18, 2017

make, share

Coming along nicely...
Isn't it neat how when you take a picture
you can see details so much better?
I've walked by this all week
but just noticed how cool the orange and pink chains look.
Thinking it needs to be one row wider...

We thought we had an all-day PD at school Monday
but almost everybody has all their hours!
I only have to go for two
AND it's gonna be 71 degrees!
in February!
Aren't three-day weekends the best?

Tuesday, February 14, 2017


Happy Valentine's Day!
Started our day with heart-shaped biscuits
  passed out Valentines, 
got lots of hugs,
extra playtime!
Finished Level 1 of my heart-shaped
(go check it out)
Daily goals of Bible reading, a little sewing, and twice a week blog posts.
As my first reward, I put an extra dollar in my penny challenge jar.
Started Level 2 this evening.

Saturday, February 11, 2017


All done!
Children's Delight 
from Quiltmaker's Gift.
Here's the page from the story:
I love the domino sashing.
Still my favorite picture book EVER.
Started King's Highway last night:
Thought about buying a brighter orange.
But, wouldn't that defeat the purpose of using up what I have?
Yes, it would.
Something about these tiny, Starburst colored nine-patches
 makes me soooo happy.
Happy Saturday!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Busy all weekend with belated birthday celebrations and visiting.
Didn't get much accomplished.

Took a half day this afternoon and...
Paid bills, bought groceries, washed laundry, quilted, 
made dinner, froze planned-overs for later, cleaned up the kitchen.
Walked over 9000 steps today.
Got caught up in 2.5 hours.
Ready for the rest of the week!

How was your day?

Tuesday, January 31, 2017


My new hobby: Bullet Journaling!
This is my habit tracker for January.
This makes me sooo happy!
Here are some details:
Left page...
1. Instead of a word of the year, I chose a verse Colossians 2: 7
2. The lists of numbers coincide with the date on the right page. How many steps I took each day.
Right page...
1. The first column represents days I met my step goal. It started at 5000, then 40,000 for the week, then 100,000 for the rest of the month. Only missed four days: took half a personal day, forgot to wear my pedometer on my birthday and two Sundays.
2. The second column represents sewing. I'm trying to make one quilt a month (again) The numbers represent how many blocks I made, Q is for hand-quilting, C is for cutting fabric for my next project.
3. The third column represents finances. The left side of an X means a "no spend" day for non-budgeted items, my daily spending money. The right side of the X means I didn't use my credit card. Notice! Not once this month! There are also numbers in the date column. I stashed $40 in my savings and $20 in my Rudolph Club, already saving for Christmas shopping.
4. The gray circles are blog posts, trying for Tuesday and Saturday minimum.
Made a few changes for February's goals. 
As if I couldn't become any nerdier... 

Monday, January 30, 2017


Happy Saturday stuff:
Worked on this a little...
cut a few 5-inch squares for the next project
  and hiked through Cascade Cave
during Carter Caves Winter Adventure Weekend.
A cozy, snuggly Sunday after church
and a Snow Day Monday!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017


Having fun listing my Storystorm ideas this month. Inspiration comes from everywhere!
My kiddos filled in their answers to our question of the day:
This was the first day they were allowed to take home a book from the school library.
 Quite a big deal :)
I love how several of them answered that their friends make them smile.
Today, I smiled when Connor told me his Superhero catchphrase
if he ever becomes a Superhero.
I also smiled when Colton thanked me for packing him a Hot Pocket 
because they served the dreaded tacos in the cafeteria.

Now it's your turn...
What made you smile today?

Saturday, January 7, 2017


Two snow days this week!
Means Children's Delight is coming along...
Oh, so slowly but surely.
On the bright side?
I'm using LOTS of tiny scraps.
My scrap box is very neat and organized.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017


     How can a little boy that needed my constant (and I mean EVERY other minute) attention earlier this Fall, turn into one of my favorite little people? Not quite sure...

     At Open House, his mother carried him into the room. A first-grader. 
     Three weeks into school, I found out he hadn't even turned six yet. A first-grader.

     I could go on and on and on about the numerous ways he misbehaves every day, every few minutes, but I soon realized he just didn't know. Seriously, hadn't been taught simple little things.
     He would enter the room in the morning and throw his backpack on the carpet. I told him not to- he doesn't anymore. He told me during playtime he had peed in the bushes. I told him we can't do that and he hasn't again (that I know of)
     He is super curious and interested in everything. He comments on everything. He smiles at me (sincerely) even though two minutes before I've raised my voice to him. I have raised my voice at him A LOT.

     Today, he saved his straw from lunch and played with it most of the afternoon. When did I turn into a teacher that allows that?? I even thought to myself, "He's not hurting anything." He made it into a snorkel and plans to take it to the pool this summer. He also stuck it in his ear. 
     At some point (maybe during October?) I totally started understanding that he's not doing stuff on purpose to annoy me but he's just a little guy doing little guy things. And he cracks me up. 
     Never thought it would happen and tomorrow may be completely frustrating, but today he told me I was his best teacher he ever had. Since he's only been in Kindergarten, best out of two isn't so bad.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016


Took a break from October/November's project
 Children's Delight
(It is soooo picky picky)
to work on a Christmas-ish Simple Strips
for my boyfriend's cute little mom.
Colton and I took a whirlwind trip to Chicago
for his 17th birthday.
We saw the Blue Man Group
with an added surprise: my cousin!

I made my first Christmas dinner on Sunday
and these cute initial pillows on Monday.
Fun, relaxing break.
And it's not over yet...