Saturday, April 10, 2010


March spending record
I was lax in keeping track of my spending this month, but ended up with extra leftover! I like to keep my emergency fund in my checking account, just in case, and thanks to my tax refund, it's built back up to Dave Ramsey's baby step #1. Baby step #2 is taking forever- paying off credit cards. I was able to give to St. Jude's Research Hospital through my son's math-a-thon, and a little spending money to a teenage-friend who is traveling later this month. I didn't buy my lunch or eat dinner out very often and took drinks from home almost everyday.
Patricia's dad insists that his daughter attend public school in Patricia (Hill, G.L., 1939) against her mother's wishes. After yet another argument, he sneaks her some little sandwiches and a glass of milk.
After running through a thunderstorm, John's mother serves gingerbread while Patricia visits with John's father. Later, for lunch, they had chicken, scones and stewed apples.

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