Sunday, June 26, 2011


This week, I worked on some little accessories.  It's nice to finish something quickly that I can use that afternoon.  These are from Monica's ipurse pattern in Quilts and More, Summer 2011.  The only fabric that's not stash/scrappy is the cherry print.  My mom chose it to match her new flip flops.  The animal print is from an old pair of flannel pajama pants.  Does a girl really need 3 sets of animal print pajamas?  Probably not, so this pair was cut-up for the cause- Vegas, of course. 
And look!  They each have a vinyl pocket on the back for your ID or credit card or Red Bus ticket.  Mom's is already on vacation.  She and Dad made it to New Mexico last night.
Finally, some yellow.  I love these cuff bracelets.  The pattern is from JCasa handmade.  I fussy cut the top one to show the little bluebird and pink flower, but it was too small for my wrist.  Blessedly, I have a niece who will want it when she sees mine.  I lengthened the pattern to 9.5in by 4in, and the bottom two fit me, plus size I guess. 

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