Saturday, June 4, 2011


Each month, my son has an appointment at Cincinnati Children's Hospital. In my opinion, the best place in the world, proven again yesterday.
  He has a lot of anxiety- part of Autism- and we speak with a very sweet counselor.  He calls her The Nice Girl in Cincinnati.  Imagine my pleasant surprise when she mentioned using prayer and our faith as a way to reduce anxiety.  She said since the Bible says we have everlasting life, there is really nothing to worry about, ever.  I am so thankful that
1. God placed our wonderfully supportive Pediatrician in our lives, and
2. she had the wisdom and care for our family to send us to Cincinnati Children's       

After our visit, we try to fit in a fun field trip.  Last month was IKEA (another family favorite), but yesterday we decided on Cincinnati Zoo.  My goal was to only take pictures of things we'd never seen.
 Naked Mole Rats.
  tee hee.  just the name gets me.  I wish the picture was more clear because they have the funniest teeth.  and pinched, closed eyes. 
 Leaf-cutter Ants
So busy.  The exhibit had tubes running all over the building.
 A mural made of recycled stuff, mostly lids from laundry soap and drink bottles.
I thought this could be a year-long project at school using what the kids bring in.
But no trip is complete without visiting with manatees, my very favorite.  They're so calm and gentle with the sweetest faces.  And look!  a new baby!

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Deanna said...

Funny how spirituality is sometimes referred to as "alternative medicine." When did any other medicine really make a difference? Isn't all healing a miracle? I am glad you found such a wise helper for your son.