Friday, July 29, 2011


These little cuties were $3 apiece from Goodwill.
 This one, apparently, belonged to a sparkly person named Paul.
 Three coats of paint later, they are my new little reading center!
 And now, a new feature...Fiesta Friday!
My Fiestaware collection started the year we got married.  Friends and family gave us eight pastel place settings, and I've been adding to them ever since.  I love that they're made in West Virginia and how the bright, solid colors go with everything.  We use them for everyday dishes, not just special occasions.  These are scarlet, white and periwinkle on my plate rack.  I love the three different handles on the mugs.    
Happy Fiesta Friday!


Connie said...

Cute desks and love your Fiesta ware!

Deanna said...

Great find on the desks! and the disher are so pretty. Nice to decorate with.

Kristy said...

Wow! What a great find!!! Love it in red! (and you are quick on catching the plans for August!) ;)