Wednesday, August 10, 2011


The Honor Girl (Hill, GL, 1929) Part 2

For Elsie's second surprise visit, she copied recipes from her aunt's cookbook for pies, cookies and gingerbread.  Another day she fried doughnuts and baked biscuits.
Before visiting with her father she ordered oysters, milk, celery and crackers for stew, with jelly and pickles.  As her brothers painted her room preparing for her stay, they ate a quick dinner of crackers and cheese.
Nervous about her first night staying with her family, Elsie checked the kitchen:  potatoes, no meat, two eggs, so she decided to make waffles.  They were served with butter, milk, jelly and molasses.

Don't you love cooking for people who love to eat?


Deanna said...

Mmmmm...donuts. I want some.

Cassandra said...

I love cooking for people who love to eat! And I love to eat. ;)