Thursday, January 12, 2012


The Man of the Desert (Hill, GL, 1914)

I've read this story many times but it became more real after our summer vacation driving Route 66.  We drove a whole day without seeing any natural water.  I was never so thankful for air-conditioning.  Anyway...
Several meals in this story include cornbread and bacon.  I love both, but never tried them together.  John drank tea with his, while Hazel had them with water.
After rescuing Hazel, John served her hot beef extract with broken biscuits and tea.
During a visit with Mrs. Brownleigh, Hazel enjoyed tea and buttered toast.  She learned to make bread, pies, gingerbread, puddings doughnuts, fruit-cake, meats, vegetables, broths and desserts- "real old country things."
For their first meal in the cabin, Hazel found soup, crackers and cheese, jelly, stuffed olives and little cakes.
John, Hazel and his mother all read Psalm 91 at some time in the story.  Why don't you read it today while I go make some tea?

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Deanna said...

I'm off to make a little something warm to sip while finishing off e-mail tonight. Thanks for the suggestion.