Sunday, January 22, 2012


Operation Intentional Kindness- Week #2

1.  Wrote a thank-you letter to my aunt.
3.  Tipped the guys that installed my new dryer.  Plan to tip my waitress today at Red Lobster- my birthday lunch.  mmm cheeesy biscuits, salad and popcorn shrimp.
4.  I try to always be nice to cashiers.  I've worked retail- it's not fun or easy.
5.  I do this anyway with my son all day long, so much so that he said, "Yep, you love me," when I walked in his room.
At school, I stand at the door and greet each kiddo with a smile in the mornings.  There are three shy little girls that don't reply, but I'm still trying.

Wonder what this week's assignments are?    

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Deanna said...

Great goals and, even better, actions. I look forward to seeing more inspiration from you.