Tuesday, May 22, 2012


This post is brought to you by the letter C.
Before my mailing my Craft Hope (starts with C :) apron, I went to the Haiti by Hand blog.  They have another way to help- C is for Clean-out for Quilts.  There's a short list of sewing needs for a group of local ladies to make quilts for people in Haiti. 
C is for Cutting charm squares.
I included just a few 5-inch squares from favorites in my stash.
It was an excellent excuse to play- fold and unfold my fabric.
While I was at it, I cut an extra set to share with you!

For a chance to win 16 pretty charm squares, leave a comment with a guess where today's Tuesday field trip will end up.  I'll randomly choose a guess (right or wrong) next Tuesday, May 29.
Here are a couple hints:
1.  Starts with D.
2.  My car is packed with a suitcase and snacks.

*Edited- Since you know where we ended up, just leave a comment about your summery vacation.
Have fun!

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