Saturday, June 2, 2012


Last night, while reading Katie's blog, I had to get up and DO something.  God has blessed me with the sweetest boy.   At age twelve, he still asks me for stuff, "Can I go outside? Can I have another Coke?"  Even as a single mom, my job is so easy.  Miss Katie moved around the world and is raising 13 girls.  Yes, 13 girls.  It's hard to complain after reading about a day in her life. 
So, at 11:15...
   I had a big enough piece of batting for this little top
My old standby- crisscross lines of big hand quilted stitches. 
Since it has these two blocks:
May's yellow and June's purple, I'm linking up to the Rainbow Challenge.
  When you have a chance, go check out all the other purple projects.

Here's my latest, best yard sale purchase.  Backstory: During my third drive-by, seeing it was still there, I planned to offer $5.  But, he only wanted $2!!  He was hard to convince that Yes, I actually want your dusty, red metal toolbox.
He said I could have two coffee cans full of nails and screws,
 but my dad has plenty of those in his garage :)


Deanna said...

Great quilt pattern. Is is published or your own creation?

soscrappy said...

Such a cute little quilt. What a deal on the toolbox.

Quilter Kathy said...

Good to know that there are other people quilting after 11 pm instead of sleeping!