Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Summertime Alphabet
It is very hard to think of E words, so I took the advice of a book I read a little of once in a while-  Verbal Advantage by Charles Elster and checked in the dictionary.  Verbal Advantage teaches definitions and other interesting things about words.  There are pre and review tests for the different levels to see how you are doing.  I love to learn new words, but small doses are best so it sinks in. 

Without further delay... We embarked (definition #2- to set off, begin) on an easygoing Tuesday field trip to Carter Caves.
We toured X-Cave which has a few places to bend and squeeze through I'd forgotten about.  The tour guide stretched out the total darkness part much longer than usual.  We played in the creek and stopped at Dairy Queen for a blizzard and a dilly bar on the way home.  My favorite Colton comment of the trip was, "I like it when it's just me and you."
Me, too.

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