Thursday, June 28, 2012


Field trip!
We spent Wednesday morning at COSI, a children's science museum in Columbus, Ohio.  As expected, Colton's favorite interactive activity was stopmotion animation.   
He also enjoyed riding in a command module and playing with sound exhibits.  We lifted a car, too. 
I found several interesting water exhibits and experiments to try in class.  In the garden area, they used little plastic swimming pools for planters.
  Wouldn't a little empty pool be a great reading area in my class? 
The light is melting the huge piece of ice, then it runs down into different levels.  There was also a water feature under their downspouts to use the runoff efficiently.
If only we'd had rain in the past few weeks...
This cute quilt lives at COSI.  Love the rainbow windowpanes.

On the trip home we stopped in Chillicothe for dinner- Chipotle! and shopped a little.  Found the backing (dark gray polka dot) and binding (charcoal black swirl) for my dragon/castle quilt.
Repeat: I would have never put these colors together,
 but I'm loving how it's working out.

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