Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Daily 5 Chapter 3- Materials, Concepts, Routines

Gathering place- Our carpet area, my seat arranged with their backs to the door. (too much interesting stuff goes on in the hall)  They can see the Smartboard, math board and chart paper from here.
Good-fit books and Book Boxes- The IPICK lesson is one of my favorites.  One year, our principal walked in just in time for us to discuss his purpose in choosing brown shoes.  He's always willing to play along.  My shoe purpose is almost always Match My Outfit. I plan to use the idea of putting IPICK in our newsletter and share with the librarian, too.  
Our "baggy books" are kept in gallon-size zipper bags.  They lie flat in desks and are inexpensive to replace through the year.  On Day 1, their baggies will include a decodable reader (we use Reading Street) an I Spy book and a brochure from our local theme park.  High interest stuff to keep them interested for 3 minutes.
Anchor Charts- We write them together during lessons, leave them up all year, and refer to them often.
Short Intervals of Repeated Practice- For the most part, kiddos take this very seriously, especially when filling in the graph with increased time.  They love when somebody models incorrect behavior.  I sometimes make suggestions if behavior isn't bad enough. 
Signals and Check-in-  I don't have a specific signal.  Usually, I brag about how long they stayed on task then say, "Pack up and meet me at the carpet."  They also like when I sing what I say, but people in the hall probably don't.     
Next time... Daily 5 in action

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