Monday, October 29, 2012


Amy Krouse Rosenthal is October's featured author in the Virtual Book Club for Kids.  Last week, we only had 3 days of school- perfect for an Author Study!  I collected eight of her books from my local library to fill up one of our special seating areas:
1. I introduced Duck! Rabbit! as a quick booktalk before Read to Self.
2. Then read This Plus That, Life's Little Equations before math.  We talked about a few Halloween equations, two of which I modeled during journal time.  I've learned not to display my sentences during the children's writing time because I want their ideas.  Not mine 20 more times.
A few kiddos wrote equations.
  They're hard to see and if you haven't read first-grade lately...
mom + dad = love
 bruthr + sistr = love
 lunch + lunchbox = scole
 dark + screem = nitemare
Tuesday, we read Little Hoot and Little Oink, and a teacher-friend read-aloud One of Those Days.  On Wednesday, Spoon, and today Bedtime for Mommy.  Lots of great lessons about loving your family how to get along with others.
We made this web about themes and ideas from the stories:
I love getting to know new books and new (to me) authors.
  Go see all the great ideas here!

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